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Wednesday, August 1

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“Founded in 2013, Abby Sparks Jewelry sets the standard for the custom fine jewelry experience. Specializing in handmade, custom engagement rings, unique wedding rings, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and jewelry repurposing, Abby Sparks Jewelry strives to create jewelry that honors individuality and defines personal expression. All Abby Sparks jewelry is handmade and custom designed in Denver, Colorado using 100% recycled metals appealing to those who crave unique jewelry that’s easy on the Earth.” Our very own bride Chelsea got her wedding jewelry from Abby Sparks and we were obsessed!

East- West Settings: East west engagement ring settings are a powerhouse trend for 2018. We’ve had several clients come through asking for this unique horizontal stone alignment in the past few weeks alone and mega sartorial and bridal guides like Martha Stewart and The Zoe Report have been spreading the buzz. We’re huge fans of east west settings because they are a great way to give a little extra stability to an elongated shape stone, as well as creating a fresh, unexpected look.


Horizontal Engagement Ring Setting

Split Band Engagement Rings: The double diamond band look is still pretty alternative, and it’s definitely not for everyone but wow, is it totally jaw dropping. This is the culmination of a few trends: stacking bands, negative space, and modern style.

Split band Engagement Ring Emerald Cut


Brushed Yellow Gold: With the use of a brush, yellow gold is transformed from customary to Cleopatra royalty status. Adding a brushed finish to your traditional yellow gold jewelry is an easy way to give a nod to classic styles, but also tip your hat to your more rebellious, one-of-a-kind side. Brushed yellow gold tends to look more artisanal than high polish…each brush stroke a symbol of careful work done by hand. That’s what we see people wanting more of, jewelry that looks like a human made it.


Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Diamond Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Emerald Cut Diamond

Shape Play: A round cut diamond in a classic setting will always be a popular choice, but we’re seeing more shape play than ever before. Our brides are sticking with the classic diamond shape, but setting the stone in hexagon, octagon, and triangle heads, to create a completely unique and geometric look.

hexagon Diamond Engagement Ring

Ethical Stones: It’s 2018, and we’ve been seeing more and more couples selecting engagement rings that they can feel good about. Opting for conflict-free stones like montana sapphires, canadian diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, lab grown gemstones, or even moissanite is becoming more and more popular – especially among millenials.

Ethical Stone Engagement Ring

Rough Diamonds in Traditional Cuts: Rough diamonds are here to stay, but these raw stones are getting a grown-up upgrade. Up until this point, most rough diamond jewelry has embraced the organic feel in in rose cut styles. This season is seeing these rough diamonds cut traditionally in brilliant cut, radiant cut, step cut, and more. These cuts give this alternative stone choice the timeless elegance of a traditional diamond, while keeping its unconventionality with galactic, unique inclusions; a hallmark of rough diamonds.


Rough Diamond Engagement Ring

As we move into 2019, you’ll see more and more of these styles flooding your Insta feed. One thing is for sure: classic cuts are here to stay, but what you do with them is getting more and more unique each year.

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