Fashion from the Oscars looks remarkably wedding like

Monday, February 23

Take a look at all the best dressed from the Oscars last night and you’ll find a common theme….dresses that look like what you might find a bride donning on her big day! Sarah Jessica Parker, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Aniston, Marisa Tomei, and Miley Cyrus all wore some version of white, sparkly and luxurious. Besides the white, opulent, “frothy” look of many of the dresses, Natalie Portman swept the red carpet wearing a pink stunner. And as usual, Angelina Jolie looked super chic in a stunning basic black number but wowed us with her gorgeous emerald earrings!

What else did we see in last nights best dressed and how can you incorporate this into your wedding day fashion (wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses): Think strapless, simple, metallic, old world, vintage, old Hollywood, classic, timeless, not a lot of color, large and amazing accessories (especially necklaces).


Heather & the Calluna Events crew

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