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Wednesday, October 14

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Yesterday, we were delighted to introduce the new space opening in Boulder. As you all know, this lovely space will be hosting a handful of our favorites, including Cured, Cedar & Hyde, and the brand new Fawns Leap! We are so excited to see Tara from Fawns Leap take the jump with starting her own company. Calluna has had the pleasure of working alongside Tara in her other endeavors and she truly is a very talented florist. We thought it was imperative to sit town with Tara and get the inside scoop of what Fawns Leap is all about and what inspires her! Enjoy! xx, Calluna


Tell us about Fawns Leap? 
At Fawns Leap we believe every moment can be enlivened by natural beauty. We take pride in offering a carefully selected and ever-changing variety of seasonal floral stems and specimen plants to captivate the senses.  We are excited to be offering everything from wrap bouquets to grab on the go to weekly floral for your home or office, special occasion floral and full wedding and event design.
What does the name mean?
Fawns Leap is a beautiful place in the Catskill Mountains where I spent time as a child. It’s a great cliff jumping spot next to a stunning waterfall.  The name reminds me of my early love of wild places and the thrill of gathering up your courage and going for it!
What’s the concept?
First and foremost, Fawns Leap is a flower shop in the classic sense. Fresh, gorgeous, ever-changing stems to choose from along with an excellent selection of specimen plants, beautifully designed vases and planters, vessels for illumination, and home goods created by American craftsman and artists.  Embracing a natural, elegant style, Fawns Leap botanical artistry seeks to connect us with our environment and each other.
Will customers be able to buy flowers from the store or will they be special order only? What about special events?
Absolutely, customers can expect a great selection of unusual blooms to choose from anytime they come into the shop!  We hope for people to be captivated by something new each time they visit Fawns Leap.
We love special events! We believe that gathering with family and friends to celebrate is one of the great joys of life.  Whether the event is life-changing or a special dinner at home, we love to collaborate with our customers to create the floral piece that fits their style perfectly.
                                                                  | Photo Courtesy: Kirsten Cohen Photography |
 Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 2.52.06 PM
How will the collaboration with Cured and Cedar + Hyde work?
The concept behind the collaboration is to expand the Mercantile that Cedar & Hyde established on the West End to include a fabulous gourmet deli and flower shop.  We are thrilled to be working along side two incredible companies to make 10th street a destination in Boulder.
What is your background?
I have been designing with flowers and plants professionally for over ten years, though the love for this medium began well before.  My mother and I had a floral design business when
I was in high school.  I’ve taken forays into other fields, but I always gravitate back to creating with botanical elements in some way.  I am thrilled to have the chance to share this great love with the community through my shop.
What are your favorite types of flower to work with?
I love to find the best blooms to suit the occasion. Some days it might be the combination of colors and textures that inspire or the elegant shape or spectacular quality of a particular bunch of blooms.
If you could have one flower in your house all the time what would it be?
Impossible to choose one! It’s the incredible variety of blooms changing with the seasons and fashions, that keeps me ever intrigued.

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