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Thursday, November 28

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Happy Thanksgiving to our clients and community of friends in the wedding industry! We are so very grateful for your ongoing support. You make our jobs enjoyable and meaningful. THANK YOU! We wish you happiness, love, and yummy food this Thanksgiving.

Today the #CallunaCrew is sharing what we are grateful for, and we would love to hear from you, too! What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving holiday?


Xo, Calluna

:: Heather Dwight ::

“Another annual Thanksgiving blog post and I am so honored and humbled to be writing about gratitude once again. We are so fortunate to do what we do and create what we create for our clients alongside this wonderful wedding community. We are wrapping up our 16th season in business (this year marked our 15th anniversary!).  I am ever-so inspired by the Calluna Community – our clients who choose Calluna, the creative partners and venues we are fortunate to work so closely with and who continually entrust their clients with us. I continue to be grateful to be able to go to work each day and do something I love and am passionate about. I am particularly grateful for our clients from this year. Witnessing your weddings is a great honor! Once again, this year brought some incredible weddings and visions, where we were able to collaborate and be creative in ways we never have. I am grateful for our clients’ trust in us and our ability to constantly grown and expand our offerings.

I am always in awe of and humbled by our team.  They are the heart and soul of Calluna, my right hands, who work tirelessly and who have such positive enthusiasm for our couples. Wedding planning is sometimes a thankless job, a job behind the scenes and the cog that makes the entire wheel of the wedding turn. Our team makes our couples vision come to life and their wedding dreams happen. And their work allows me to expand Calluna in exciting projects. I consider them all friends and love the impact they’ve had on my life and my business.

I am forever grateful for the love and support of my family and my friends, especially my husband, Brandon, our daughter Maggie and son Grey.

I’m also grateful for travel – it’s one of my greatest joys in life – to travel to inspiring places and experience new things – this year I traveled abroad to London, the Bahamas and Mexico and also domestically to New York (several times), Louisiana, Virginia, and Utah

I’m grateful for where we live in Colorado – for fresh air, sunshine, hikes in the mountains. I’m grateful for my health and any time I can ride my bike or do a little yoga.”


Photo By | Mary Meck Photography


:: Melanie Robertz ::

“Another year! As the calendar pages flip and the years seemingly fly by, above all I’m grateful for the opportunity the holiday season allows us to pause and give gratitude to all aspects of our lives. Each year I find myself saying “I can’t believe the holidays are already here!” and this year is no exception –– time sure flies when you’re having fun.
As I reflect on the last year the usual suspects top my list –– I’m so grateful for the life in Denver I’ve built with my sweet boyfriend, Erik, who has so graciously stumbled, embraced and celebrated the peaks and valleys of twenty-hood alongside me. I’m thankful for the health and happiness of my loved ones, I’m thankful for my big, loud, slightly crazy (but in the best way) family that continues to grow and I’m thankful for the solid and (really fun) community we’ve built over the years – sharing big and small moments, creating memories and traditions alongside new friends and old friends around the globe.
I’m thankful to live in a society and community that empowers me not only to find my truth as an individual but share it with conviction and purpose – a privilege I don’t take lightly.  Of course, I’m thankful for my incredible team at Calluna Events and the trust from all of our AMAZING couples to help plan arguably one of the biggest moments of their lives. I’m beyond thankful for the job I do day in and day out – it’s quite literally the dream!!
My list could go on and on but if nothing else, I hope this time of year allows you to practice gratitude for the goodness you’ve cultivated in your life. The time to celebrate this amazing life is now – and I hope you do! Cheers!!”

:: Spice Jones ::

“Thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday. Taking time to reflect on our blessings while enjoying a day of delicious food and fun conversation with the ones we love is exactly what the season is all about. So as I’m gathering my favorite Thanksgiving recipes my thoughts linger on the many moments of gratitude I look forward to sharing this year. First and foremost my heart swells for my husband and the endless supply of love and support he provides as we continue to build a life that is filled with purpose, joy, and adventures. My family is another source of great pride as I do my best to honor the many generations that have shaped the traditions now celebrated in my own home. I’m grateful for my beautiful city, Boulder Colorado, and for the luck that landed us in the greatest neighborhood in the USA! And finally, I want to express my sincerest gratitude to Heather and Calluna Events. 2020 will kick off my 15th season with Calluna and I couldn’t be more excited for another year of the beautiful celebrations that enable me to collaborate with some of the world’s most talented and creative people.

Many blessings and a bountiful Thanksgiving from my table to yours!”

Photo by | James+ Schulze


:: Jean Ellison ::

“I am incredibly grateful for my loving family and friends, my husband, Joe, and for the recent arrival of my daughter, Virginia! I am not only thankful for the friendships I’ve built in my first full year of being with Calluna, but for the unwavering and continued support I received during my very untimely maternity leave which took place in the heart of wedding season! This team really stepped up in ways I could not have imagined and it truly makes me so proud to work for a company that bolsters and uplifts working moms like myself! I am humbled and in awe of the incredible wedding vendors, couples, and clients I worked with over the past year and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store!”

Photo by | Kristina Adams of Decorus Fine Art Photography


:: Kristen Kennedy ::

“This year I am thankful for so many things! I’m grateful for so many amazing weddings and the couples I was able to celebrate with this year. I love the #CallunaCrew and all of the passionate ladies on the team. I’m also grateful for my family and their unwavering support of all my passions. I was able to go on all of the delicious food adventures, and am thankful for the opportunities I have received through my blog.

This year, I got to go on amazing travels, especially to Europe with the best travel buddy / photographer Bridget Burnett! Lastly I am thankful for the beautiful state of Colorado and the fantastic city of Denver, I am so grateful for this life!”

Photo by | Bridget Burnett Photography


:: Claudia Behring ::

“I have so much to be thankful for! First and foremost, I am most thankful that I was able to move to my dream location, beautiful Boulder, Colorado this year.  I truly feel like I have now found where I have been meant to live, this being the fifth state I have lived in. The mountains were truly calling, and I have become so comfortable here due to the amazing scenery, people and businesses.  I am also extremely thankful for my health and the fact that my body allows me to run, bike, and be so very active for hours with very little complaints. This time of year, I am incredibly thankful for the pumpkin spice explosion of options in the food industry and the friends that I get to enjoy them with.  I am so excited for the new year and and thankful for whatever it brings. Happy Thanksgiving!”

Photo by | Trevor Lyden Photography


:: Gabbie Harden ::

“As I take time to reflect on this year, I’m overflowing with thankfulness!  I’m so so thankful for the birth of our healthy and happy baby girl in August and this new season of motherhood. Caring for Margot the last four months and watching her grow and change everyday has truly been my greatest joy!   I’m forever grateful to my best friend and amazing husband (his support has been steadfast and watching him become a father lights up my heart), and to our incredibly supportive and helpful family!!! I’m looking forward to this holiday season and spending time with all the people who enrich my life and have made this year so wonderful!  Happy Thanksgiving!”


:: Gina Yeon ::

“This year, I am overcome with gratitude. Firstly towards my family and friends who continually support and encourage me, showing me grace in my many shortcomings. I am so grateful to live in this beautiful state, where I am able to reconnect with nature and take inspiration from. For all the travels I have had the opportunity to go on, and the experiences I’ve been fortunate to have – being able to tick things slowly off of my bucket list is something I will never take for granted. I’m thankful for my small community – to be able to cultivate old friendships, and to grow new ones. Lastly, I am thankful to Calluna for reigniting my love for weddings as we end the 2019 wedding season. Seeing the wedding industry come together and collaborate to create beautiful experiences for our couples is truly a privilege to be a part of. Cheers to 2020!”



:: Megan Dunlap ::

“This year I am thankful for my supportive family and friends who constantly fill my life with love and happiness! This past year has been full of milestones, I graduated from Colorado State University- the same college my dad attended and it gives me so much pride to share that experience with him.  Throughout this year I have tried my best to be grateful for everything thrown at me and to handle life’s craziness with grace.  I can’t help but feel overly thankful for this life and to share a piece of it with Calluna! Happy Thanksgiving, friends!”


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