Inspiration Board for a wedding – Turquoise and fuchsia!

Friday, January 15

If you’re anything like me, right now you’re staring out the window at the snow, and oh how beautiful and majestic it is. But you just can’t help yourself. You’re already wishing for flowers, and barefoot days, and warm summer evenings. And it’s only January. If this sounds like you, then hopefully this Fridays’s inspiration board will give you a bit of that ‘spring’ inspiration you’re dreaming about. Luckily, one of this year’s popular color combos just screams spring and summer. It’s vibrant, and alive, and fresh, and goes perfectly with a spring or summer wedding. Pair these colors with an outdoor setting, lots of flowers, and a tea-length wedding dress, and your fantasies of dancing barefoot through green grass will become a reality before you know it.

Colors: Turquoise and fuchsia.
Other Trends Represented: dress styles, monogramming, cupcakes, DIY, bright and airy receptions, flowers.

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