Friday Introduction

Introducing our newest Lead Planner Lauren!

Friday, June 2

We are thrilled to introduce our newest Lead Planner, Lauren Groeper, to the Calluna team! Lauren is a native of Chicago, Illinois with over seven years of experience in the event planning industry.  She found her passion for weddings at an early age while attending many of her large Irish family’s weddings all throughout the country and celebrating with them.

A graduate of The University of Iowa, she got her start planning corporate events in the Windy City before diving head first into the wedding industry here in the Rockies.  Before joining Calluna Events, she started the Chancey Charm Denver franchise where she worked for several years gaining experience both as a business owner and wedding planner. She loves good food, good company and a great party, and enjoys assisting others with the details so that they can truly enjoy those big, memorable life events.  Lauren’s poise, positivity and classic style puts her clients at ease, and helps her to coordinate timeless events to remember as a member of Calluna’s team. 

A bit more about Lauren! 

My dream vacation would be to …  Santorini – the food, the architecture, the views!

My favorite cocktail is…  On a fun night out?  A margarita.  After a hard day’s work?  A dirty gin martini.

My favorite movie is…  Pride & Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version) 🙂

My secret talent is…  Singing.  I sang in several acapella groups growing up, and still love it!

Top three things to spend $$ on for a wedding.. Photography, food and flowers!

If I wasn’t a wedding planner I would be…  Either a private investigator or a lawyer.  I love analyzing and get my fix from watching crime dramas!



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