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Wednesday, March 15

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We’re so excited to welcome Gabby Gray to the Calluna Events team as our newest Lead Planner!

Gabby Gray is a South Georgia native who fell in love with weddings and design while planning her own wedding and designing remodeled homes. She took this passion and started working for a restaurant group in Atlanta, Georgia. During her time here, she planned upscale events ranging from corporate happy hours to weddings on rooftops, overlooking the city. Eventually, the Rocky Mountains called her name and after 20 years in the south, she made her way to Colorado in January of 2022. She has most recently planned weddings and events at a 4-star property in Boulder, where she continued to foster her creativity and passion for weddings. Gabby is excited to bring her passion for love and Southern charm to the Calluna Events team!

Here’s more about Gabby!

  • Favorite part of the wedding planning process: This might sound a little crazy, but I love the long
    wedding days! Seeing your months of planning come to life is one of the most rewarding feelings. Also
    seeing all the love being shared on wedding days from the couple, friends, family and vendors is so
  • Favorite part of the wedding day?: The father daughter dance. This part of the day truly holds a very special place in my heart. I will be a puddle of tears at your wedding at this time!
  • Post wedding ritual: The night of, you can catch me taking a quick cold shower. The shock makes me relax after the long day. The day after you can find me sitting outside soaking in all the beautiful memories you just made!
  • Favorite reception song: This could be my Southern showing, but Country Girl by Luke Bryan. You’ll find me belting it anytime it is on.
  • Favorite wedding gown designer: Berta. Hands down. The romance and story that each dress tells is awe-inspiring. They are works of art.
  • Least loved wedding-day trend: Meaningless favors. I feel like a lot of couples feel obligated to have these, but I seen them wasted more times than not! Just nix them altogether and have killer cocktails instead!
  • Trend you’d like to see more of: Color! I’m loving seeing couples embracing having bold colors in their weddings. White is classic and beautiful, but colors are so fun and unforgettable.
  • Best advice for a newly engaged couple? Soak it in! Yes, everyone says this, but it is so true. This time is so special and short. Spend the extra time snuggling on the couch, pour the extra glass of wine to just chat about everything happening – live in that engaged couple love!
  • On the weekend you can find me: Hiking with my huskies and husband! I love exploring Colorado and seeing the beautiful views that a car can’t take you to.

Okay – now for some good ole’ fashioned rapid fire:

  • Favorite cocktail: A spicy margarita. Nothing better.
  • Beach or mountains: Mountains! There’s a reason I moved to Colorado and not Florida.
  • Early bird or night owl: Night Owl
  • Sweet or salty: Can I say sour?
  • Dream vacation: Scotland
  • Go to coffee order: Oat milk latte
  • Favorite Social Channel: There’s something other than Instagram?
  • Favorite movie: I forget movies as quickly as I watch them. I asked my husband what my favorite movie is and he said Elf, so I guess it’s Elf!
  • Guilty pleasure: Chewing ice. Especially Chick-fil-a or Zaxby’s ice. Nothing better.
  • Pet peeve: Unnecessary noises. Sometimes silence is golden.
  • Favorite restaurant in Colorado: Japango in Boulder. I could eat sushi everyday!

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