Jennifer + Matt’s Snowy Devil’s Thumb Ranch Wedding

Monday, November 17

Jennifer and Matt are that special Colorado couple that go together like bread and butter.

Jennifer_Matt_0537-2 Jennifer_Matt_0700-2

They had always envisioned a wintry wonderland wedding and a wintry wonderland is what they got….with some snow to spare. The bride and groom spent the morning of their wedding snowboarding together, hours before they walked down the aisle.

 Jennifer_Matt_0444 Jennifer_Matt_0454   Jennifer_Matt_0503-2 Jennifer_Matt_0511

The skies opened up and guests were able to enjoy the view and breathtaking surroundings during the ceremony and cocktail hour at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, before moving into the beautiful Broad Axe Barn for dinner. The fire crackled, the drinks were poured, and the couple celebrated their love into the wee hours with a packed dance floor!

Jennifer_Matt_0556   Jennifer_Matt_0570   Jennifer_Matt_0582   Jennifer_Matt_0590 Jennifer_Matt_0598 Jennifer_Matt_0599   Jennifer_Matt_0627 Jennifer_Matt_0642-2   Jennifer_Matt_0658 Jennifer_Matt_0660   Jennifer_Matt_0673  Jennifer_Matt_0721 Jennifer_Matt_0725  Jennifer_Matt_0768 Jennifer_Matt_0733 Jennifer_Matt_0776 Jennifer_Matt_0779 Jennifer_Matt_0808 Jennifer_Matt_0866 Jennifer_Matt_0868-2 

Excellent photo skills by the one and only Ali Vagnini 

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