Julie & Brett – A rainy summer wedding in Boulder, Colorado


Thursday, June 17

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Julie & Brett Summer wedding in Boulder Colorado
June 12, 2010
Wedding Ceremony :: Pastures of Plenty Farm
Reception :: Rembrandt Yard
Photography by Jenna Walker Photography
June weddings in Colorado started out a bit rainy. Calluna Events had a few weddings over the weekend of June 12th and had to work a bit of magic behind the scenes (with all of our fabulous vendors of course!) to make our clients wedding day dreams come true.
Take a look at some of these teaser photos from Julie and Brett’s rainy day wedding. Gabbie Sarbaugh from Calluna Events coordinated their big day and worked with many of our favorite vendors on their lovely affair.
Julie’s stylish blue wedding shoes!

Julie and the bridesmaids weren’t scared of a little rain! Equipped with umbrellas and fun red rain boots the girls took some photos in the rain at the Pastures of Plenty farm.

The Face Lab was on site doing wedding make up making the bride and bridesmaids look incredible!

Ahh, isn’t it true that we are all “better together!”

Julie and Brett 06.12.10!

Farm wedding photos are super fun!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen don’t let the rain deter them.

What a stunning bride!

Stay tuned for more fun photos from Julie and Brett’s wedding coming soon!
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