Maggie is 2! :: A fun cooking party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday!


Saturday, February 18

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Maggie is 2!
A fun cooking party for a kids birthday
Photography by ELC Images

My daughter just turned two and being the event planner I am I couldn’t let the day go by without a little creativity and color! My daughter loves to “cook” and help in the kitchen. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t pull a chair over to the counter where I’m prepping breakfast or dinner to check in on what I’m doing. She loves to stir and mix and sits patiently by the oven door watching as things bake. So what better way to celebrate her love of cooking (and eating) than by a toddler cooking party. The kids donned chef’s hats and apron’s and helped “cook” their pancakes with toppings like raisins, nuts and yogurt. It was a fun and experiential way for the kids to participate! 

Cupcake papers stung on a line made for a lovely chandalier over the kids table.
I found toddler sized oven mits and pot holders that went with the colors and theme!

Maggie waits patiently for her friends to arrive.

Sutton cooks up something yummy!

Stella is ready to take something out of the oven with her oven mit!

Much love 
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  1. Jen G says:

    SO CUTE! Great idea and it looks fabulous!

  2. kara delay says:

    Absolutely lovely :).

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