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Tuesday, April 27

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Whether you're planning a lavish celebration in the beautiful state of Colorado or an unforgettable destination wedding in an exotic location, our blog features inspiration from real Calluna weddings, the latest trends & tips, to make your big day
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Hi Calluna Crew, I’m Kaitlin! I am Colorado born and raised-though it seems there’s only a few of us left! I come to Calluna Events with a strong background in retail and fashion over the last 8 years and am so excited to transition all of that knowledge and passion into this industry-my love for weddings is real! The fast paced environment, the creativity of a new floor set, working as a team and meeting so many amazing people are just a few of things that have kept me in the field for so long. I love connecting with customers and clients and having real and genuine conversations with them. It might be as simple as helping them plan an outfit for an event or trip that they’re going on or maybe if they’re new in town, it’s helping them find a great restaurant to try or something fun in town to do. I am your go-to Colorado girl, recommending all the great places to eat or things to do in Colorado. I love trying new places and sharing my experiences with others.  I would describe myself as loud, energetic and always down to try something new! So here I am, diving head first into the wedding industry and I am so pleased to be here!

Favorite part of the wedding planning process- I got married to my “high school sweetheart” in August of 2018 and my Mom and I planned the entire thing. I loved planning all of it, I am a big planner when it comes to everything. You should see me plan a vacation! Researching every little detail and thinking outside the box is half the fun, right? But if I had to narrow it down to my absolute favorite, it would have to be the bachelorette party!

Favorite part of the wedding day- Speaking from experience as a bride, it’s the little things. It’s that quick emotional, nervous talk you have with your Dad before you walk down the aisle, or you sitting at the head table, looking at all your amazing guests and just soaking in the moment. After all, your friends and family are there to celebrate you and your new husband. Now as for a guest, I love the reception! I thrive in getting as many people to the dance floor as possible.

Favorite reception song- “I wanna dance with somebody”- Whitney Houston or anything from the Mama Mia album. 

On the weekend you can find me- Hanging out with family and friends, trying a new brewery, shopping or heading off for a quick weekend adventure.

Favorite cocktail- Spicy Margarita or a Moscow mule!

Beach or Mountains- Beach all the way! But the mountains are equally as beautiful! 

Sweet or Salty- Salty! I can eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting without even thinking twice. 

Guilty pleasure– Lighting every single candle in my house. I am the weirdo that cannot relax and be lazy unless my entire house is clean. So I love the end of my days off, when everything is clean and the candles are lit and you simply just relax in your clean smelling home with a glass of wine. That and well, spending money, lets be real- who doesn’t love to go shopping? Maybe a long walk through Target and T.J Maxx, just aimlessly walking around, waiting for Target to tell you what you need. I absolutely love a good afternoon in T.J Maxx, picking out things for my home, clothes, fun dishes or furniture that you just love but just have absolutely nowhere to put it.



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