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Tuesday, April 27

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Whether you're planning a lavish celebration in the beautiful state of Colorado or an unforgettable destination wedding in an exotic location, our blog features inspiration from real Calluna weddings, the latest trends & tips, to make your big day
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Kira Sullivan was born and raised in SoCal, but got her taste of Colorado when attending CU Boulder for undergrad. She has an expansive career in marketing and advertising. Working in both the automotive and real estate industries, Kira brings a passion for organizing, planning and top notch client service to Calluna Events. Being newly engaged herself, Kira is excited to be hands-on with the wedding and event planning, and work with the Calluna Team to make the dream wedding a reality.

  • Favorite part of the wedding day: First look for the bride and groom has to be my favorite. The pure excitement, joy and love always shines through in that moment. I have to say, a first look with Dad has to be a close second. That one usually has me tearing up too! 
  • Favorite reception song: Higher Love – Kygo remix. Takes the old and new and comes together in the best way possible. You can’t NOT dance to that song! 
  • Favorite wedding gown designer: Pronovias! I swear every dress I see and love is a Pronovias brand. 
  • Least loved wedding-day trend: I don’t love the dancing entrance of the wedding parties. Seen an awkward shopping cart or the sprinkler move a few too many times.
  • Trend you’d like to see more of: Small or no bridal parties. 
  • On the weekend you can find me:  Starting my day with a Peloton ride, totally obsessed. From there you can find me enjoying time with dear friends and family. I always love to try a new restaurant/bar, shop and travel. Oh and lot’s of cat snuggles from my fur baby, Archie. 
  • Favorite cocktail: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Aperol Spritz or a Spicy Marg 
  • Beach or mountains: Beach Beach Beach 
  • Early bird or night owl: Early to bed, early to rise! Love my mornings. 
  • Sweet or salty: Sweet 100%. Specifically, chocolate! 
  • Dream vacation: New Zealand. Need to go and try the Sauvignon Blanc in person. It also looks stunningly beautiful and super adventurous. 
  • Go to coffee order: Love me an Americano, hot please!
  • Favorite Social Channel: Up until the pandemic, Instagram, but these days TikTok is right up there. I spend way too much time on that platform ha! 
  • Favorite movie: Crazy Rich Asians or Bridesmaids. I can quote basically all of both.
  • Guilty pleasure: At this point it’s not guilty, something I will say with pride, but I can’t get enough of about every Real Housewives city. Beverly Hills, Atalanta, Salt Lake City, Dallas… you name it, I watch it. 
  • Pet peeve: Bumper stickers on really nice cars….  

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