Money Saver: Budget Friendly Wedding Dresses: Shop Vintage!

Thursday, March 18

Every couple likes to stick to a budget and save a little money here and there, right? Why not start the budget off on the right foot by looking for a gently used or vintage wedding dress? You may be saying, “But it’s my wedding day. I want my dress to be special and one-of-a-kind.” No problem! For something classy and unique, shop vintage. Visit Ebay, vintage shops or thrift stores to find your perfect dress for half the price or better! The dress will stand out because of its distinct qualities and you won’t have to worry about the bride-next-door wearing the same thing. Your friends will marvel at your ability to shop smart and fulfill part of the famed saying, “something old, something new…”. Plus, wedding dresses are usually only worn once so it’s easy to find one that’s in good shape. Photo compliments of

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