Oscar Party at Frasca Food + Wine

Wednesday, November 12

When the oh-so-fabulous Liz Finkelstein of Mile High Style called and said she was throwing a fancy Oscar party at Frasca Food + Wine we wanted nothing more than to be by her side the entire way with the planning of this stylish soiree. A fabulous stylist + a fabulous venue for a fabulous award show? Sounds like the best party on the block! Our only hope is that Liz will throw it again this year. Gorgeous photography credit goes to the lovely Rachel Gomez .

OscarsRG-2002 OscarsRG-2006 OscarsRG-2007  OscarsRG-2011 OscarsRG-2014OscarsRG-2016OscarsRG-2015  OscarsRG-2017 OscarsRG-2019 OscarsRG-2021 OscarsRG-2023 OscarsRG-2024 OscarsRG-2025 OscarsRG-2029 OscarsRG-2037 OscarsRG-2039 OscarsRG-2040 OscarsRG-2042 OscarsRG-2043 OscarsRG-2059 OscarsRG-2066 OscarsRG-2067 OscarsRG-2068 OscarsRG-2069 OscarsRG-2071 OscarsRG-2074 OscarsRG-2075 OscarsRG-2078 OscarsRG-2081 OscarsRG-2086 OscarsRG-2090 OscarsRG-2092 OscarsRG-2093 OscarsRG-2095 OscarsRG-2097 OscarsRG-2099    OscarsRG-2100    OscarsRG-2103    OscarsRG-2105

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