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Wednesday, May 26

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We just received this information from Regina Mountjoy at Recherche Photography. Enjoy!

Recherche Photography is thrilled to announce our new affiliate business:

During ten years of running my own creative photography business, I have endeavored to combine my artistic nature, my commitment to customer service and my passions for organization into a streamlined business. Let me tell you, it did NOT come easily!

I have heard the cries of frustration from my fellow photographers and entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed, scattered and buried. This has spurred me to bring something useful to others out of my own decade of trial and errors, failures and success.

Desiring to share with you the culmination of a decade of experience and creative problem solving, I have created The Organized Photographer (TOP). TOP offers photographers a wealth of tools, direction and support in organizing their own creative business.

Organization and creativity for me go hand in hand. A lot of people associate the words “simplifying, organization and streamlining” with “boring, tedious, impossible for an artist.” Not in my world! My mission is to create luscious beauty and calming order in every aspect of my life I’m excited to help you do the same!


What is TOP about? TOP’s purpose is to help photographers create order and enhance productivity in their business so they have time for what they truly value.

How will TOP do this? By offering group classes, intensive workshops, one-on-one coaching and soon there will be downloadable forms + checklists.

What does this mean to you? If you would like a little more structure, space and sanity in running your photography business start by signing up for the TOP newsletter, following TOP on Twitter, become a FB fan or just visit the new website to read more about the venture.

What if you are not a photographer? TOP will be offering mini classes on de-cluttering and working more efficiently which will be applicable to all. I also offer one-on-one mentoring to help tackle clutter that is burying you. So sign up for the TOP newsletter on the left-hand side of the TOP website.

Need some de-cluttering help stat? Come to TOP’s “Mini Clear the Clutter” workshop on Tuesday, June 1st at Recherche’s home-studio in Louisville! Wine, snacks, tons of tips and ideas and only $35! To reserve your spot sign up here.

Will Recherche still be photographing? Of course! Otherwise the new business would just be The Organized Girl.

Please be so very kind as to forward this email to any photographers in your circle.
I would be most grateful if you would help spread the word and connect TOP with people who would value our service.


1.866.998.8753 (studio)
622 Bella Vista Drive, Louisville, CO 80027

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