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Wednesday, December 9

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The time has come for our last shop local blog post! We are so pleased to have featured some of the amazing shops of Boulder, and today we are happy to give you just a few more. We hope everybody has enjoyed our series and has been inspired to shop locally to support the vibrant community of Boulder. Make sure to look out for our full gift guide later this week!

Enjoy! xx, Calluna

Element 6: 954 North St. Second Floor, Boulder, CO

Why We Love It: Element 6 is the perfect spot to treat your body to relaxation and nourishment. Element 6 will keep your body healthy & happy, which is especially important during the Holiday season!

“Through Functional Movement, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Massage modalities at Element 6, you learn the skills to moved nourish your body in a way that will not only enhance your present activities, but will also keep you healthy well into your golden years. This is powerful. It will transform every area of your life. It will make you happier and healthier. You only have one body, treat it well and it will treat you and your family well…let’s make it well together, it is time to Up-grade and Up-lift your Body and Health.”

Featured Item: Save 25% on all services when you mention the Calluna Events Gift Guide!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.06.41 PM

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Boulder Wine Merchant: 2690 Broadway St, Boulder, CO

Why We Love It: Boulder Wine Merchant is the authority on fine wines, craft beers and spirits from around the world. The experience at Boulder Wine is incredibly unique, you will be treated specially by a passionate and educated staff. The store has everything you need for any occasion!

“The Boulder Wine Merchant is a family run neighborhood retail shop specializing in artisan crafted spirits, craft beers, and fine wine.  We focus on representing the finest producers from around the world with a wide range of price points and styles.  We strive to find value in each of these regions and pass this value on to our customers. We take great pride in our customer relationships, and we enjoy our involvement in the community. As a merchant of artisan crafted wine, beer, and spirits, it is important that we are passionate about the products we sell, and that we strive to translate this sentiment to our customers in a personal, friendly way. We endeavor to create an atmosphere where our customers can walk into the store, have someone recognize them by name and know their purchase history; you can’t get this by shopping online.”

Featured Items: Glassware! We have Zalto, Riedel and Nachtmann glasses in various styles and at extremely competitive prices.  Choosing the right wine glass has a huge impact on how the wine tastes, and is possibly the single most important factor to fully enjoying a glass of wine.  We are excited to offer an outstanding sale on Nachtmann fine crystal stemware this holiday season.  With 20% off, a set of 4 glasses is just $19.00!  Be sure to pick up a case today and start improving your overall wine experience!”

Wine Keys! These little stocking stuffers can make a big difference with the ease in which you open a bottle of wine.  We have a handful of high quality wine opening devices to offer as the perfect small gift for someone.”

Coravin! If you are a wine lover who has a hard time finishing a bottle or would like to enjoy multiple tastes of the same bottle over an extended period of time, this is the unit for you!  The Coravin system is the first and only tool in the world that lets you access, pour, and enjoy wine from a bottle – without pulling the cork.  This revolutionary system is only $299 and is the perfect give for any wine lover.”


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The Bespoke Edge

Why We Love It: For a custom, hand tailored clothing experience, there is nobody better than The Bespoke Edge. Whether you are looking for a custom design for your wedding or an amazing piece for an event, Bespoke will not disappoint.

“At Bespoke Edge, we do things a little differently. Instead of having a physical store, we come directly to your home or office anywhere on the Front Range of Colorado. You can feel the fabric, see a full-canvas construction suit, and look at each of the details that make a bespoke suit so special. We can guide you as much or as little as you like—with bespoke, you are in control.”

“Most importantly, we take all the necessary measurements to ensure that your custom suit or shirt fits you perfectly. Whether it is the difference between a single or double breasted suit, what kind of cocktail to make in the summer, or how we build our clothes, the Bespoke Edge learning center will help you out with anything you need to know.”

Featured Items: You can build shirts from the Bespoke Edge website or in-person, you can select from a featured design or create your own! Click here to shop on The Bespoke Edge website!

daily-riderwedding-coupleScreen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.16.10 PM

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Photos via The Bespoke Edges || Images by Brumley & Wells

Featured Photo via The Bespoke Edge || Image by Brumley & Wells 

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