SNEAK PEEK: Xyrus & Kelsie’s CU ceremony & St. Julien wedding

Wednesday, July 3

Thanks to Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers for sharing these lovely pictures from our end of June wedding with Kelsie & Xyrus.

Kelsie + Xyrus met for the first time in Benson Science Classroom #185 on the campus of the University of Colorado Boulder. So of course it made sense to set up their “first look” in the same very classroom where they met for their late June Colorado wedding! Xyrus waited patiently and Kelsie surprised him, taking them back in history to their first meeting. Stay tuned for more photos of this lovely couple! Special thanks to Jason + Gina Photography for capturing the day so well!

Thank you to all our vendors from the day! St. Julien Hotel, KHodge Films, Pink Monkey SolutionsEuropean Flower Shop, Tee & Cakes, DJ Jahsonic, Mile High Pedi-cabs, All Events Rentals, The Face Lab, Andres Mendoza, Splendor for your Guests, CU Campus (various people), Foothills Limo, The Envelope Please.

Kelsie-Xyrus-Preview-1-2610889244-O Kelsie-Xyrus-Preview-2-2610889296-O Kelsie-Xyrus-Preview-3-2610889200-O Kelsie-Xyrus-Preview-4-2610890261-O Kelsie-Xyrus-Preview-5-2610890686-O Kelsie-Xyrus-Preview-6-2610890441-O Kelsie-Xyrus-Preview-7-2610891294-O Kelsie-Xyrus-Preview-8-2610892200-O Kelsie-Xyrus-Preview-9-2610892046-O Kelsie-Xyrus-Preview-10-2610892570-O

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