Band or DJ… What Is Right for You?

We all know that music is one of the essential components of a wedding celebration. A fantastic DJ or band can leave your guests with smiling faces and happy feet after hours of getting down on the dance floor. However, we realize that deciding on a live band or a DJ is often a difficult decision, and sometimes requires endless amounts of online surfing and research. There are tons of factors that go into deciding your wedding entertainment like personality, budget and space… so to take the stress out of finding the perfect entertainer for your big day we have compiled a list of some of the pros & cons of hiring a DJ or a band!

Enjoy! xx, Calluna

The Band: A live wedding band most definitely has some perks and can add a level of excitement and sophistication to your wedding reception. Not only will the crowd feed off of the bands energy, but a good bandleader can also excite and keep the crowd dancing all night long!

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The DJ: Wedding DJ’s can play all of your favorite songs by all of your favorite artists while simultaneously amping up the crowd! If you want to keep the party going all night long, a DJ can be the perfect option to keep the music coming and the crowd dancing.


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