From BFF to Bridesmaids: Tips on How to “Propose” To Your Bridal Party

Everybody knows that the big day just wouldn’t be the same without your best girls by your side. Whether they’re helping plan your bachelorette party or getting you ready to walk down the aisle, your bridesmaids deserve an ample amount of love and appreciation. We have absolutely adored some of the ways we have seen Brides “propose” to their besties, so we have created a list of the sweetest, most creative ways to ask your BFF’s to be your future bridesmaids!

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The “Ask” Brunch: You can never go wrong with delicious food and your best friends! Treat your main gals to a special brunch where you ask them to be your bridesmaids followed by a mimosa toast! Not only will it be a morning to remember, but you guys will get to enjoy a fabulous breakfast.

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The Essentials Bag: Surprise your girls with the sweetest totes filled with all of the wedding essentials. Some bubbly to sip and bling for them to wear on the big day is the perfect gift. To make it even more personalized, a champagne flute engraved with your wedding logo will be even more memorable!



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The Sweet Tooth: We all know the way to a girls heart is through sugar! Host a sweet treat buffet and let your girls enjoy themselves while you ask them to stand with you on the big day. If you know some of your girlfriends favorite desserts, make sure to incorporate them to make your bestie feel extra special.



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Rest & Relaxation: A spa day is the perfect way to relax with your best friends. Whether you do mani+pedis or a full-blown day of ahhhmazing treatments, your main gals will appreciate the love they are being shown by you. Can’t all get together at the same time? Send your friends, “at home spa kits” where they can relax on their own time.

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Get Creative With Paper: Some beautiful stationery goes a long way! Get creative and do a fun crossword for your bridesmaids to fill out, or send them a sweet note in the mail explaining why you need them by yourself through the wedding process!



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We have adored seeing all of the creative ways that brides are asking their BFF’s to be Bridesmaids. Whether you are looking to do a luxurious spa day or just sending a simple sweet note, your best friends will appreciate the effort and care you’re putting in.  Calluna is happy to help with planning any special moment for the Bride! To contact us click here!

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Bending the Rules | 7 Wedding Traditions that Are Open to Interpretation

Weddings are packed full of traditions, many of which have become cherished among couples planning their nuptials. However, here at Calluna we believe that every couple should have the wedding of their dreams, whether that be the ultimate traditional wedding, or an alternative soiree. While etiquette and traditions are important, we love when we see our couples bend the rules to fit their flavor and style.

Enjoy! xx, Calluna

The Dress: Many brides still rock a fabulous white wedding dress on their big day, but don’t be afraid to do something different if this isn’t your desired look. Not ready to take the full colored wedding dress plunge? Add a pop of color to your dress by adding a sash or fabulous coat. We fell in love with Page’s blush gown and Emma’s gorgeous dress.



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The Bill: If we’re chatting with Emily Post (the queen of everything etiquette), tradition delegates the responsibility of the wedding to the Bride’s parents and Rehearsal Dinner to the Groom’s. If your parents or future in laws are so gracious to sign the bill, that is wonderful! As with all things, as we progress we see versatility when it comes to managing the budget. Maybe you and your future hubby have a budget set and want to split it evenly. Maybe you set up a honeymoon fund instead of a registry. Maybe both sets of parents split equally. Whatever the way, we recommend setting expectations up front to avoid any tricky and tense conversations.


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The Bridesmaids: Gone are the days where everything has to be perfectly matched. Though we love the look of the traditional matching maids, we are seeing some amazing bridesmaids trends that we simply adore. Some brides choose completely different dresses for each bridesmaid that accentuates the style and individuality of each bridesmaid. Not ready to give your girls completely different styles? Try choosing a color scheme but alternate the style of dress!


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The First Look: Traditionally, Brides aren’t supposed to see their future hubby until the moment they walk down the aisle. This one is a total personal choice for the couple, some brides like to see the surprise on their grooms face as they walk down the aisle, but other brides want to see their groom before and share special moments before your ceremony. If your style is the latter, than first look photos can definitely have their perks!



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The Walk: Many brides choose to have their fathers walk them down the aisle on their big day. However, this is another tradition that we’ve seen open to interpretation. Whether you want both your parents to walk you down, a step parent, siblings, a loved one, or maybe you want to walk down solo… don’t be afraid to do it your way. Each bride has different family dynamics, and we think its great to embrace that!



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The Bouquet Toss: Some couples love the traditional bouquet toss but others would rather mix up the tradition with other alternatives. If you don’t want to single out the singles at your wedding, try highlighting the couples that have been married the longest! We have seen anniversary dances that leave the longest married couple dancing till they are the last ones standing!


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The Cake: In the dessert department, some couples go for the traditional wedding cake that feeds all of the guests. While this is definitely an option, we love seeing the ways that some couples are coming up with alternatives. Some couples choose to get a small cake for cutting and feed the guests a variety of other fun sweet treats!


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Bridesmaids Gift Guide

Feeling overwhelmed about what to give your go to girls for the special day? Don’t worry, bridesmaids gifting doesn’t have to be a stressful task, Calluna has you covered! Everybody knows just how important the bridal party is to a wedding. The bridesmaids are there from the start, and offer support throughout the entire planning process. It is often true that members of the bridal party are some of the brides oldest and truest friends… so, how do we reward these loving and loyal ladies? While each bride differs in style, this bridesmaids gift guide appeals to any bride looking to spoil the most important women in her life.

Enjoy! xx, Calluna


You can’t go wrong with a little bit of sparkle! Gifting your main gals with some bling will not only show them how much you appreciate them, but will also give them something to remember your special day by.

Check out Stella & Dot’s beautiful bridal guide. From engraved charms to chic bracelets, Stella & Dot knows exactly how to please any bridesmaid.

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For more of a local option, check out Angie Star, a local Boulder jeweler who creates whimsical handcrafted pieces ranging from simple, yet elegant necklaces to gorgeous drop earrings. Your bridesmaids won’t be disappointed with these custom gifts!

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Plum Pretty Sugar has the most adorable tote bags, perfect for any bridesmaid. The fabulous thing about these bags is that you can stuff them with goodies based on the personality of each bridesmaid. Is she a total fashionista? Fill the bag with a gift card to her favorite store, magazines or accessories you think would look amazing on her! Is she a yoga master? Pack her new tote with a fun and fabulous yoga outfit or a trendy new mat.

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Want to give your girls some stylistic freedom? Stitch Fix is a trendy website that allows its users to take a style quiz and receive pieces of clothing based on their personal style results. Letting your girls pick out some of their own items is a unique way to say thank you for all of their hard work.

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A Day With the Ladies:

Perhaps a day with the girls is more up your alley. A spa day is the perfect way to relax with your favorite gals and thank them for sticking by your side. Whether its just manicures or a full day of treatments, J Lounge Day Spa in Boulder has you covered. A relaxing day will give everybody a chance to unwind before the special day. They host special private parties, specifically made for a girls day out!


Want something a bit more action packed? Sur La Table, offers private cooking classes, perfect for any group of adventurous bridesmaids. Whether you’re an experienced chef or total newbie in the kitchen, the classes will be a blast for anybody willing to learn. Sur La Table handles it all, from menu planning to kitchen cleanup. The class will be the perfect bonding time for you and your gals. And if it can’t get even better, Sur La Table has cooking class locations across the United States, including four locations in Colorado!Picture-1-500x298

Need some advice on how to chose the lovely ladies in your bridal party? Check out our Maid of Honor guide here!

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