Top 5 Things to Do After You Get Engaged!

It’s that time of year – so many engagements happen during the holiday season, and we love it! So you’re engaged, now what?

Well first of all, congratulations! Being engaged is an incredibly exciting time, and we want you and your partner to soak it up! You may be eager to jump into planning your big day but have found it to be an overwhelming process. Not to worry! We have compiled our top 5 things to do after you get engaged to keep you stress-free and on track as you kick off your planning.

xo, Calluna

Top 5 Things to Do After You Get Engaged

-1- Enjoy it! Life is short, and this can be overlooked! You just got engaged – this is a big deal!! Take some time to celebrate alone together before your family and friends are in on the celebration. This is about the lifetime commitment you made to each other. We’re cheers-ing to you and all of the celebrations to come!

-2- Insure your bling. Chances are, your ring was a big investment. It will give you both some peace of mind knowing that your ring is insured. This is also a good opportunity to resize your band if needed so it has the perfect fit!

-3- Set your budget. An open and honest discussion about your wedding budget and priorities is important early on in the planning process. Where do you want to focus your investment? What are your non-negotiables – music, venue, florals? Whatever it may be, set realistic expectations together about what you’re comfortable spending on your big day. Regardless of the type of vendor, the more concrete you can be about your budget the more productive the conversation!

-4- Set up a gift registry (or two). Time to “shop” – this part is so fun! Now that you’re engaged, your friends and family are going to start talking about showers, engagement parties and the like. Your registry isn’t just for the big day! It’s a long process, so don’t feel overwhelmed to do everything at once. Add a few things here and there as you find what you love and it’ll be full in no time! You can register with specific retailers but we love Zola as it acts as hub for all wishlist items in one place. Kitchenware not your thing? Aside from classic items, you can get outside the box with your registry.  Think anywhere from honeymoon fund, donation to a cause close to your hearts, “group gifting” of a larger investment and so much more!

-5- Consider hiring a wedding planner. Well, hey – we may be biased but this is important! A wedding planner can be your greatest asset as your advocate, advisor, negotiator, coordinator, manager of your vision, and more! We can think of a thousand reasons to hire a planner, but here are just a few.

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Photographer | Rachel Havel

Callie + Nick’s Lovely Engagement Shoot

Oh my are we excited to have received Callie + Nick’s sweet fall engagement photos. Heather Gray Photography couldn’t have captured this lovely couple any better! Callie + Nick were referred to us by Molly + Nick, which is always such an honor when a past couple sends a newly engaged couple our way! We just love Callie + Nick and are beyond thrilled to be helping them plan their wedding this coming March at The Broadmoor hotel. Just three short month away! Stay tuned for these two love birds to tie the knot! xx, Calluna

HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-7 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-9 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-10 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-13 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-20 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-21 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-22 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-31 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-32 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-37 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-39 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-46HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-43 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-59 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-63HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-68 HeatherGrayPhotography.CallieAndNick.Engagement-70

You’re Engaged! Now What?

First of all, Congratulations! Being engaged is an incredibly exciting time and we want you and your sweetheart to enjoy every minute of it. While you may be eager to jump right into planning, it may be a little bit of a “now what?” moment. Don’t worry! We have compiled a few tips to keep you relaxed and on track to having the most fabulous engagement leading up to your dream wedding. Enjoy!!

1. Pick up the Phone. Your relatives and loved ones will want to be the first to know! Social media has become the tempting place to snap a gorgeous ring shot…. but its important not to post, tweet, or instagram before you talk to the closest people in your life. It may come off as hurtful if special friends and family hear it in an informal way.

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Photo: Preston Utley

2. Have Some Fun! This is the rest of your life we are talking about – there’s no need to rush into things!  Enjoy your engagement by spending quality time with your fiancé & celebrate with loved ones. Once you feel ready to dive in, start the planning season with some laid back (fun!!) wedding inspiration. Father of the Bride, anyone? Stock your nightstand with wedding magazine? Yes please.


Photo:  Ali Vagnini Photography

3. Take care of that Bling. Now that you have an amazing new piece of jewelry in your life, some important precautions should be taken. You’ll likely want to take it your ring to be sized, cleaned and we highly suggest insuring it for some peace of mind.

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Photo Credit: Tess Pace Photography || James Michael Photography

4. Start Thinking About Budget. Again, after you feel it’s time to begin the planning process, a good first step is to establish a budget. Consider logistics and boundaries for the planning process so you don’t get swept up in the magic and then later disappointed when that wedding gown price tag is a tad too expensive.


Photo: Steve Stanton Photography

5. Create A Timeline. It may seem a little bit of a chicken-and-egg situation, but we’ve found picking the big day date depends on venue, destinations and availability. It’s productive to select a season (we see a lot of our couples plan 9-12 months out from their proposal) and then narrow it based on your venue and vendor’s calendars.

6. Hire a Planner. Okay, we might be a little biased but we think hiring a coordinator is absolutely necessary to create a beautiful & hassle-free day. We can think of about a hundred, but we’ve outlined the top four reasons for you here.


7. Start brainstorming guest listYou don’t need to have the final list set in stone, but start a conversation about wedding size. An intimate wedding of 50 calls for much different wedding preparations than a Big Fat Greek Wedding of 500.


Photo: Tess Pace Photography

8. Engagement Party! Traditionally the bride’s parents throw the engagement party, but nowadays anything goes! Whether you decide to host yourself or someone else is hosting for you, this is a celebration about you, your new fiance and the love you share! Let this pre-wedding party kick off a new chapter in your life, and enjoy!!


Photo: Matthew Spek

9. (Determine) and embrace your own style. We know that its so easy to get caught up in the weddings you see on blogs and pinterest (don’t worry we’re obsessed too) but remember to stick to your own style and vision. When it comes down to it, your wedding should reflection of you and your fiancé’s personalities and values.


Photos: Jessica Chrisite Photography

Featured Photo: Tess Pace Photography

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