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Top 5 Things to Do After You Get Engaged!

Wednesday, January 16

It’s that time of year – so many engagements happen during the holiday season, and we love it! So you’re engaged, now what?

Well first of all, congratulations! Being engaged is an incredibly exciting time, and we want you and your partner to soak it up! You may be eager to jump into planning your big day but have found it to be an overwhelming process. Not to worry! We have compiled our top 5 things to do after you get engaged to keep you stress-free and on track as you kick off your planning.

Enjoy! xo, Calluna

Top 5 Things to Do After You Get Engaged

-1- Enjoy it! Life is short, and this can be overlooked! Take some time to celebrate alone together before your family and friends are in on the celebration. This is about the lifetime commitment you made to each other. Cheers to you!

-2- Insure your bling. Chances are, your ring was a big investment. It will give you both some peace of mind knowing that your ring is insured.

-3- Set your budget. An open and honest discussion about your wedding budget and priorities is important early on in the planning process. Where do you want to focus your investment? What are your non-negotiables – music, photography, florals? Whatever it may be, set realistic expectations together about what you’re comfortable spending on your big day.

-4- Set up a gift registry (or two). Time to “shop” – this part is so fun! Now that you’re engaged, your friends and family are going to start talking about showers, engagement parties and the like. Your registry isn’t just for the big day!

-5- Consider hiring a wedding planner. Well, hey – we may be biased but this is important! A wedding planner can be your greatest asset as your advocate, advisor, negotiator, coordinator, manager of your vision, and more! We can think of a thousand reasons to hire a planner, but here are just a few.

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