Floral Trend Alert | Make Your Autumn Arrangement Pop

This is one of our favorite seasons for florals – autumn palattes strike the perfect balance between rich pairings and abundant warmth. An intentional departure from those blush & delicate selections we see in the summer months, this is an opportunity to take some risks and play with textures, colors and levels in your arrangements.

We’ve been longtime admirers of Beet & Yarrow and they nail it in the creativity department, particularly with the unique selections we love so much. We sat down to chat with them about the trending vibes of the season, both in special events and every day arrangements. We think their services are perfect for holiday parties, a Thanksgiving tablescape or even inspiration to try your own. Just wait to see what unexpected item they plug in as a surprise factor! (Spoiler alert: it totally works).

From the experts:

“One trend that we are focusing on is the pairing of dusty (or antiqued) romantic colors like mauve, dusty rose, blush, and brushed golds with starkly contrasting rich tones. As you can see in the arrangement shown, we chose magnolia tips to incorporate a rich rusty brown color and deep emerald greens with an overall muted palette of warm pinks and whites which made our focal flowers really pop with those more traditional fall harvest reds and oranges.”

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“The second trend we have loved playing with is incorporating fruits into our arrangements! Experiment with apples, pomegranates, pumpkins, gourds, pears; even mushrooms, peppers or whatever speaks to you and your palette! In the arrangement pictured we used two pear varieties to bring in the harvest theme and some really beautiful color as well.”

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We love these so much we may just pop down to their shop tomorrow to adorn our own tables! You’re welcome to do the same by visiting their storefront at The Source in Denver.

Can’t get enough and want to try your hand at floral design? Beet & Yarrow is hosting a workshop on November 20 – registration beginning November 7th. Mark your calendars!

Thank you B&Y team for chatting with us!

Photos via Beet & Yarrow

A New Local Gem is Coming to Town :: 2019 10th Street

There is no better way to shop than to shop local! Especially here in Boulder, it’s a way of life and it is what makes this community oh so special. We get so excited when a new venture is in the works and especially when it has to do with some of our local favs!

Everyone knows how awesome Cedar & Hyde and Cured are – these fan favorites + brand new Fawns Leap are teaming up to create an original downtown Boulder space this autumn season. We reached out to the new team to get the inside look into how this to-good-to-be-true collaboration is going to work!


The Cured Farm Dinner at the Riverbend in Lyons, CO. © Brett Wilhelm

Cured is your essential European-style mom-and-pop specialty market with a smorgasbord of cheese, charcuterie,wine, chocolate, bread and your top of the line Olive Oil which are all made into tasty lunches and snacks. In the new space, Cured West, they will taking their full range of product they offer at Cured and pare things back a bit so they can focus on the grab-and-go lunch market, with quick options for your way home as an easy evening meal. Essentially, they want to create something that still feels like the original Cured, but taken back to just the necessities.




Cedar & Hyde is your rare find modern day mercantile that offers a shopping experience complete with in-depth stories about the product, a face-to-face relation, and the possibility of being surprised by a local vendor hosting a unique pop-up shop in the market on any given day.The Cedar & Hyde Mercantile space at the new location is set to be their office where they plan to focus on their online retail that will be launching sometime by the end of the year. The idea behind 2019 10th St. space is that Cedar & Hyde are able to expand the market concept of the mercantile. The mercantile is supposed to be a place where you can come and get something for every aspect of your life, and by providing a space that offers food and flowers gives Cedar & Hyde the opportunity to provide just that!



9AA1A12E-E1EA-455D-9840-30AAAA536791And we would like to introduce the newest member of the community, Fawns Leap! Fawns Leap is the new flower
shop on the block that we know won’t disappoint. Providing fresh, gorgeous, ever-changing stems to choose from
along with an excellent selection of specimen plants, beautiful designed vases and planters, vessels for illumination, and home goods. Embracing a natural, elegant style, Fawns Leap botanical artistry seeks to connect us with our environment and each other. Fawns Leap is a reminder to Tara, the proud new owner, of wild places and the thrill of gathering up your courage and going for it! Congratulations Tara, we know your new endeavor will be a huge hit! Stay tuned for our full interview with Tara and Fawns Leap!



The Perfect Petal Turns 20!

We cannot believe that this week The Perfect Petal is celebrating 20 years! We thought that turning 10 was a big deal but there is no denying that the big 2 – 0 is a huge, huge deal and we are oh so excited for Cindy, Alex, and their amazing team!

Our very first wedding with The Perfect Petal was in 2005, our second year of business. They did the flowers for a private residence, Buddhist wedding and it was from then on that our love affair with the Petal team began.  The Perfect Petal curates and designs amazing floral pieces for every event. They have a talent for recreating the brides vision perfectly and then some! Every event we have worked with The Perfect Petal we are blown away at the beauty that they bring along with them! The Perfect Petal team is truly an inspiration and we feel so honored to have had the opportunity to work so closely with you over the years.

All of us from Calluna wanted to give The Perfect Petal a huge shoutout and we hope that your festive week of celebration has been an amazing time for all of you! You deserve it! Here’s to many more and we can’t wait for our next event with you! Take a moment to look at a few events that we had a chance to work with The Perfect Petal. Each and every one is absolutely exquisite!  xx, Calluna

Ali V. Photography 1 Ali V. Photography

| Photo Courtesy: Ali V. Photography |

View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding


| Photo Courtesy: Dawn Sparks Photography |

Tess pace 4 Tess Pace 5

erinanddash_328Tess pace

 | Photos Courtesy: Tess Pace Photography |

Michele hart 1 Michele Hart

| Photos Courtesy: Michele Hart Photography |

James Christianson 1 James christianson 2

| (feature) Photo Courtesy: James Christianson |

| Photo Courtesy: Rachel Havel Photography |


0016Chen_Greenberg 0032Chen_Greenberg

| Photo Courtesy: Joanna Pinneo Photography |

Plum Sage Flowers :: 10 Year Anniversary

We had the joy of having a small helping hand in planning Plum Sage Flowers’ 10 year anniversary! We have had a long working relationship with Erin and her wonderful company. We always feel so honored when members of the community reach out to us to help plan such a huge mile stone – needless to say, the party was a huge success!

The lovely block party was held on a Sunday afternoon complete with scrumptious tacos from Comida food truck, ice cream from Little Man Ice Cream, thirst-quenching refreshments from Peak Beverage, a delectable cupcake garden from Wooden Spoon Cafe and Bakery, music from Rocky Mtn BluegrassParty Singers – to keep everyone there and dancing all night long, and of course the lovely Lana from Lana’s Shop created the sweetest custom invite. It was certainly a party to remember and we can’t wait for more years to come with Erin and her creative team! xx, Calluna

IMG_1934 IMG_1928 IMG_1925 IMG_1935

Vendor Spotlight :: Flora by Nora

On this week’s edition of Calluna’s vendor spotlights we had the opportunity to sit down and catch up with the ever-so-talented Nora of Flora by Nora. She has a knack for designing the most stunning floral creations. She truly has such an artistic eye with each and every one of her arrangements and her outlook on what she does is inspiring! Read on to see why we feel so inspired by Miss Nora!


Describe what you do.

The very first flower shop I worked at was called Fresh Art- and I think that is the perfect way to sum up what I do.  Flowers are my medium, and I like to think of my arrangements as art pieces.  I think there’s something about the fact that these arrangements are only here for a short period of time before the fade away that is really special.

Flora by Nora1

What is your idea of a dream project?

Well, I love to travel.  So a dream project for me would include traveling to some sort of beautiful destination and being filled with inspiration based on my location.  Whether it be for a wedding or a styled shoot.  In a city like Paris or a remote and beachy area.  Being able to forage and utilize local materials and finding inspiration from the beauty around me.

Flora by Nora3


What has been your favorite wedding or event you’ve ever worked/attended?

I’ve been apart of so many wonderful weddings it is hard to pick just one!  One of my first jobs in the wedding industry was working for Cheree Berry Paper- a high end stationery company based in St Louis.  Shortly after I started working there, Cheree got engaged and started planning her own wedding.  As luck would have it, Cheree’s wedding was shot and featured in Martha Stewart.  Her wedding was one of the first big weddings that I was apart of from start to finish- being able to be on location while the MS team was shooting for the feature was a really unique moment.  

And yet sometimes the smaller events are truly the best.  One of my favorite weddings from last year only had about a dozen guests.  The bride and groom wanted to keep it very intimate, and rented out a suite at the Four Seasons to host their reception.  You can get really creative with the tiniest details when you are hosting such a small group and it can be so much fun creating for those types of events- the florals really get a lot of attention in that type of setting.

Flora by Nora2


What makes you excited to go to work in the morning?

Seasons!  I love how things are always changing based on the season when you work with flowers.  Just when you start to think – I never want to see another peony again, the season changes and all of a sudden you are up to your eyeballs in dahlias and zinnias and peonies are out of the picture until next year.  You never know what you are going to find at the flower market, and being able to walk through the coolers and see what looks best and build my palettes and shape my vision around those materials is really inspiring.

What advice would you give a younger you?

Reach out to the people who you admire!  I took me a really long time to get comfortable with that idea, that it’s okay to shoot out an email to someone who you might think of as untouchable.  Everyone got there start somewhere, and nine times out of ten if you reach out to those in your field who you admire they will respond.  I took this approach a few years back and was able to work with some very talented people in Brooklyn, it was a life changing experience to not only meet florists who I so admire but to be able to learn from them too.

Flora by Nora1 2

What’s your favorite trend you are seeing in your industry?

I love that floral trends are starting to become more natural and organic in the shapes of the arrangements and the materials that are being used.  I love a muted and moody color palette so it’s fun to see that become more and more popular.


We loved getting to know Nora and what makes her and her company what it is today! If you liked what you read, check her out on her social media outlets and look into booking her for your wedding! After all wedding season is just around the corner!

Keep up with Flora by Nora ::  Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest |

Stay tuned for more of our vendor spotlights! xx, Calluna

Wedding Planning Tips: Mock Up Season

Ahh mock ups… as wedding planners, we absolutely LOVE seeing a “mock up” of the florals and tablescapes for our weddings before the big day and can offer a couple of tips before singing that floral contract.

Mock ups are a great way to get a real “sneak peek” of what your table will look like. It allows for an opportunity to critique the flowers, change around anything you aren’t crazy about, and make sure your vision is property translated to the table.

Not all florists offer this service, but it is a great thing to ask about before signing a contract with your desired florist. We LOVE the Perfect Petal in Denver for a number of reasons, but take a peek at this stunning mock up the fabulous Kitzel Ruth created for our July bride yesterday. Peonies have arrived!!!


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