10 reasons why it’s important to “click” with your wedding photographer!

by guest blogger Dana Romanoff of Dana Romanoff Photography.

“I had such a great connection with this bride (who was my freshman college roommate) and with the entire bridal party that they felt comfortable enough to launch a snowball war on their photographer! All for a good photo. . . !”

This is my seventh year photographing weddings. I’ve documented everything from intimate front porch ceremonies to five star galas, couples saying “I-Do” while jumping out of a plane,  skiing off the backside of a mountain and reciting vows by the ocean. It’s always an honor when a couple invites me into their lives to photograph their wedding.  I see my role as both a documentarian, capturing authentic and candid moments, and as an artist who creates beautiful and timeless art to hang on the wall. What I’ve learned as a wedding photographer is that the better a connection I have with the couple the better the photographs. For me, photography is all about connecting with people.  When we have a relationship that means I am invested in you, in your happiness and in getting you the best images.  And when you feel a connection to me, you trust me to be a part of your life and capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Here’s why it’s so important to “click” with your wedding photographer:

Thanks Dana for such great insight! And if you are in need of a great photographer Dana is offering complimentary engagement session to any bride who books her wedding with them before February 14, 2013!

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Artifact Uprising, unique custom photo books that do good!

“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away”.  The wise words of Eudora Welty express the power and beauty within photographs.  With so many opportunities today to capture the remarkable and irreplaceable moments of life, photography still reflects the beauty not only in art, but also in people’s day-to-day lives.  Looking back at photographs is one of our favorite things to do; it is amazing the feelings that surface as though you are reliving the events as your browse through the captured moments of your life.

The progression of displaying and organizing photos has progressed throughout the advancement of various technologies and tools.  We have found a company local to Colorado that combines the traditional mindset of scrapbooking with the modern style and approach to organizing photos. Artifact Uprising is a company that produces products similar to what an iBook made though iPhoto could produce; however, it is the mission and beliefs of Artifact Uprising that should be commended.  With unique and alternative styling, Artifact Uprising has the ability to produce one of a kind books that manage to tell the stories that have been so artfully captured through photography.  We love the clean and modern look that Artifact Uprising produces all while maintaining a product that is unique to each of their clients.

Artifact Uprising

Why else do we love Artifact Uprising? This company has managed to take one of the most devastating environmental problems that Colorado is currently facing and is making good with it.  The drive up to the mountains has become one of sadness as we sadly view the hundreds of dead trees that are scattered across the hillside due to the Mountain Pine Beetle that is killing them.  Artifact Uprising utilizes the fallen “waste” wood from these trees in producing their products! Along with being environmentally responsible, Artifact Uprising advertises strong beliefs in creativity, community, leaving a legacy, the power of one, passion and authenticity.

Artifact Uprising

These customized books not only are positive for the environment but the options of hard or soft cover, a variety of colors, various display options, and the option of formatting Instagram friendly photos gives clients vast amounts of freedom in creating these lifelong treasures.  Supporting local businesses in your community is always encouraged and is made so much easier when the products are not only environmentally friendly but are craftily made and truly amazing!

Artifact Uprising

And lastly, the owners of the company are dear friends of ours, good people who we want to support! Support local businesses who are doing good things for your community!

Much love
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