From BFF to Bridesmaids: Tips on How to “Propose” To Your Bridal Party

Everybody knows that the big day just wouldn’t be the same without your best girls by your side. Whether they’re helping plan your bachelorette party or getting you ready to walk down the aisle, your bridesmaids deserve an ample amount of love and appreciation. We have absolutely adored some of the ways we have seen Brides “propose” to their besties, so we have created a list of the sweetest, most creative ways to ask your BFF’s to be your future bridesmaids!

xo, Calluna

The “Ask” Brunch: You can never go wrong with delicious food and your best friends! Treat your main gals to a special brunch where you ask them to be your bridesmaids followed by a mimosa toast! Not only will it be a morning to remember, but you guys will get to enjoy a fabulous breakfast.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.59.49 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.53.04 PM

Photo credit: Tess Pace Photography (top) Cynthia Kain Photography (bottom)

The Essentials Bag: Surprise your girls with the sweetest totes filled with all of the wedding essentials. Some bubbly to sip and bling for them to wear on the big day is the perfect gift. To make it even more personalized, a champagne flute engraved with your wedding logo will be even more memorable!



Whimsy Design Studio (bottom)

The Sweet Tooth: We all know the way to a girls heart is through sugar! Host a sweet treat buffet and let your girls enjoy themselves while you ask them to stand with you on the big day. If you know some of your girlfriends favorite desserts, make sure to incorporate them to make your bestie feel extra special.



Photo Credit: Tess Pace Photography (top right)

Rest & Relaxation: A spa day is the perfect way to relax with your best friends. Whether you do mani+pedis or a full-blown day of ahhhmazing treatments, your main gals will appreciate the love they are being shown by you. Can’t all get together at the same time? Send your friends, “at home spa kits” where they can relax on their own time.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.51.08 PM

Photo Credit: Heather Gray Photography (top)

Get Creative With Paper: Some beautiful stationery goes a long way! Get creative and do a fun crossword for your bridesmaids to fill out, or send them a sweet note in the mail explaining why you need them by yourself through the wedding process!



Photo Credit: Rachel Gomez Photography (top)  Lana’s Shop (bottom)

We have adored seeing all of the creative ways that brides are asking their BFF’s to be Bridesmaids. Whether you are looking to do a luxurious spa day or just sending a simple sweet note, your best friends will appreciate the effort and care you’re putting in.  Calluna is happy to help with planning any special moment for the Bride! To contact us click here!

Featured Image: Rachel Gomez Photography

You’re Engaged! Now What?

First of all, Congratulations! Being engaged is an incredibly exciting time and we want you and your sweetheart to enjoy every minute of it. While you may be eager to jump right into planning, it may be a little bit of a “now what?” moment. Don’t worry! We have compiled a few tips to keep you relaxed and on track to having the most fabulous engagement leading up to your dream wedding. Enjoy!!

1. Pick up the Phone. Your relatives and loved ones will want to be the first to know! Social media has become the tempting place to snap a gorgeous ring shot…. but its important not to post, tweet, or instagram before you talk to the closest people in your life. It may come off as hurtful if special friends and family hear it in an informal way.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.41.19 PM

Photo: Preston Utley

2. Have Some Fun! This is the rest of your life we are talking about – there’s no need to rush into things!  Enjoy your engagement by spending quality time with your fiancé & celebrate with loved ones. Once you feel ready to dive in, start the planning season with some laid back (fun!!) wedding inspiration. Father of the Bride, anyone? Stock your nightstand with wedding magazine? Yes please.


Photo:  Ali Vagnini Photography

3. Take care of that Bling. Now that you have an amazing new piece of jewelry in your life, some important precautions should be taken. You’ll likely want to take it your ring to be sized, cleaned and we highly suggest insuring it for some peace of mind.

Screen-Shot-2014-09-23-at-3.41.55-PM-299x199 JM_Wedding_Boca_Odor_Photos_Sneak_Peak_-7-620x413

Photo Credit: Tess Pace Photography || James Michael Photography

4. Start Thinking About Budget. Again, after you feel it’s time to begin the planning process, a good first step is to establish a budget. Consider logistics and boundaries for the planning process so you don’t get swept up in the magic and then later disappointed when that wedding gown price tag is a tad too expensive.


Photo: Steve Stanton Photography

5. Create A Timeline. It may seem a little bit of a chicken-and-egg situation, but we’ve found picking the big day date depends on venue, destinations and availability. It’s productive to select a season (we see a lot of our couples plan 9-12 months out from their proposal) and then narrow it based on your venue and vendor’s calendars.

6. Hire a Planner. Okay, we might be a little biased but we think hiring a coordinator is absolutely necessary to create a beautiful & hassle-free day. We can think of about a hundred, but we’ve outlined the top four reasons for you here.


7. Start brainstorming guest listYou don’t need to have the final list set in stone, but start a conversation about wedding size. An intimate wedding of 50 calls for much different wedding preparations than a Big Fat Greek Wedding of 500.


Photo: Tess Pace Photography

8. Engagement Party! Traditionally the bride’s parents throw the engagement party, but nowadays anything goes! Whether you decide to host yourself or someone else is hosting for you, this is a celebration about you, your new fiance and the love you share! Let this pre-wedding party kick off a new chapter in your life, and enjoy!!


Photo: Matthew Spek

9. (Determine) and embrace your own style. We know that its so easy to get caught up in the weddings you see on blogs and pinterest (don’t worry we’re obsessed too) but remember to stick to your own style and vision. When it comes down to it, your wedding should reflection of you and your fiancé’s personalities and values.


Photos: Jessica Chrisite Photography

Featured Photo: Tess Pace Photography

Fiona + Lane’s lovely engagement shoot

We are absolutely smitten with this couple and swooning over these engagement photos by Tess Pace Photography! We have a small place in our hearts for these two – not only are they incredible to work with, so in love and such sweet people… Fiona is British and Lane is part Hawaiian. Fiona was born in England but raised mostly in the states. We are helping them incorporate touches throughout from her British and his Hawaiian heritage. And you might know that our owner Heather is also half Scottish. So when Fiona started talking about tea tins, eton mess, sticky toffee pudding, Pimm’s Cup and all things British we knew it was a complete match!

We can’t wait for Fiona and Lane’s wedding this upcoming June at the St. Julien. It will be an exquisite wedding with some of our favorite vendors like  Lale Floral Designs, LMD Productions, Lucky’s Bakehouse, Alchemy Mineral BlendsSoul School, of course Tess Pace Photography and a few more!

fionalane_010 fionalane_026 fionalane_028 fionalane_030 fionalane_035 fionalane_039 fionalane_042 fionalane_044 fionalane_049 fionalane_051 fionalane_056 fionalane_060  fionalane_074 fionalane_079 fionalane_087 fionalane_090 fionalane_096 fionalane_104 fionalane_107 fionalane_112 fionalane_115  fionalane_124 fionalane_132 fionalane_136 fionalane_138

Modern Marie :: Styled Shoot by Tess Pace Photography

Double the photographers means double the goodness! Tess Pace and her team graced our styled shoot at our Anniversary Event and captured the details flawlessly. The soft femininity of her photos have a dreamy effect that have us feeling nostalgic already. We feel blessed to have been surrounded with such talent (including our lovely models Emily, Eva and Joe). Thank you to all!

k6DJHGX_C4hrZFIx06genENcuxXN371AT2KQKXcDkBk  FBdyIYn-GgyI5Y_92n-EBvptp8pp-9sh0snF8u4iqeI marieantoinette_001web marieantoinette_003web marieantoinette_004web marieantoinette_040web (1) marieantoinette_024web marieantoinette_032web marieantoinette_033web marieantoinette_037web marieantoinette_042web 0PtkeZ1qj2NoV---kbKH6Wt6iSZuBzQaExEPe0Osj78 KATjm2lUGWgYdOOXHPxBFidqjN9vsUvMfltu7sP_KMM 2AKVk-ccG0uK6LS50JTUHD7wWzcHHi9XMlldVSVg7Ms krtHYIJAbGN4vlP3ALJCQqLYDQ1Csq1MCfVEmfxypjA aUIPHZie90U0eBSDSjrSsGuhnsXGGQdoMzb4izbapmY 1NgGdaKegwIxZskOgNgx8gn96IkEHKG9mKkldqj7WMA AjQL9moq77cp8UJruzyFpzknwIMtdMeVom0XcKS9gpk BJ1cWltC7ZGLI9raBq4CpyNo60bKCCAqFDA37qggtjA  CixS_iilMvYPD63N9aT67upGgJkxD4j5iOkG90fzmrA  EFZqKBbk1hHTL2jSJTMbeGIoBYCrmj8LF6LDEiqtE7M  g8oK8eboA8y_LC_uxabh72XCGM8LaH6ESYKBrpuxJzA  G9dbUy8CxDwnsN-YR4B5vd91vLVrcIL-mR4fIASaHAM GgnyAWSkCKbVBd5bZIIQkC3lk3nsbO5ikCCiTzzj2_o hu2LHrenrjJtU_UjjpwQ95rZuekwKkHJwWFQByW260k IC40BnQtXlyKbt4hp9dCHWCA-GJSHtjdTeKwiszqOz4 jdS3rIqRug78-QcEhdoLrhj9mJsOXVwRLYWBBfaHRhI M183c8Th8KpOphwgEBXgEftFVGhVxgtGScPgsMcrl_4 900YoTyMkwBP6x2q4Y5_KzN_cVxR0OGNC61EjeqQ-Rc  marieantoinette_025web  tBdgltbhDEd3dY-gAkTus-LJqN_gFivElWQAHjf3Uko   V8HZfMgKXJJW0XTMj2auxqJW74QCmKhBMD63Vuo6kRA vMWCGTtJ99EWCgTtqxwlyfW4o4WnoMsG5s7jTvkW4jE VYKxbeKgPc9pNd8nkYR8c7-JyA_n25mf1Cs1en8fsk8   XOB2B-H7txaPXDbl8ap0JPkI82yu5qqczi4PxiAjwcU yI7ElqTk_k-8a8dUFXPnJDM8dgsHu9WetPwbOBqCrFw

Vendor Spotlight :: Tess Pace Photography

Tess of Tess Pace Photography is not only an extraordinary photographer, but our dear friend. As part three of the photography dream team to capture special moments at the party, she brings light and love to every occasion. Sharing an office with her has been a blessing — how fun to be surrounded by breathtaking talent! Read below to learn about Tess and her philosophy (and learn why we love her so much).


We are passionate about photography and the art of storytelling. We believe GREAT wedding photography is both editorial and documentary at the same time… and it is with this philosophy that we approach all aspects of our photography.

We find beauty in the authentic. In a quiet exchange when no one else is looking. In a loved one’s tear-filled eyes. In a heartfelt embrace. In real laughter – the kind that makes you loose your breath. We seek to find these wonderfully candid moments – often better described as feelings – in every wedding we have the honor of capturing.

tess pace 3 tess pace 2 TP4 TP6

We also find beauty in the creative. We are inspired by gorgeous natural light. By color. By vibrant fine art imagery. It is in these thoughtfully crafted images where we will often compose and direct to create something magical.

At the end of the day, when you look back on your wedding photographs, we want you to remember the people, the details, but more than that, what it felt like in that very moment… the love, the pure joy, the beauty… yes, all of that and more.

tess pace 1 TP7 TP 9 TP8

At the heart of it, we believe the only way to deliver beautiful photographs is to be deeply invested in YOU, your wedding day, and your unique story. 

From Tess :: My relationship with Calluna began over 5 years ago when I hired Heather for my own wedding and we have since become great friends. I consider these ladies some of the best in this industry and every wedding we have had the opportunity to work together on has been an absolute joy. I have had a blast sharing an office with them this past year and I cannot wait to collaborate with them on their 10th anniversary “Modern Marie” inspired shoot and many more events to come!

If you LOVE Tess’s photography (like we do!), find her on Facebook | Read her blog | See this wedding on Style Me Pretty

Instagram Recap: Erin + Dash’s Dashing Denver Art Museum Wedding

Coming off of a busy wedding weekend, we just had to take  moment to recap (via Instagram) a dashing Denver Art Museum modern wedding. Erin + Dash are a true picture perfect couple and the details of their wedding day will forever be some of our faves. Here is an Instagram / Vscocam sneak peek of their beautiful bash. More to come soon!

Thanks so much to Tess Pace Photography (for capturing the real photos), Denver Art Museum, Perfect Petal, Eclectic Hive, LMD Productions, DJ Rockstar Aaron, Kevin Taylor, Brett Omara, Alchemy Mineral Blends, SideDoor Salon, Presidential Limo, Event Rents, J&S Audio Visual, Charming Chairs, Intricate Icings, the Four Seasons Denver, and Erin and Dash Victor. We love you guys!

erin + dash 4erin + dash 2erin + dash cover

(featured image by Tess Pace Photography)

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