Yoga, Love and Community with YogaGlo at the Hanuman Festival

“Regardless of religion, culture, age or political views, something we all have in common is the human condition. Yoga is the lifelong process of investing in the quality of our condition. YogaGlo’s intention is to empower people around the world to engage in this process.” from YogaGlo
There are so many reason why people can gather together with intentions of love, community, and celebration – and we want to witness them all. We were lucky enough to be a part of a larger team that is hosting an incredible community space to gather, converse, learn and practice at Boulder’s annual Hanuman Festival, a four day yoga festival that brings in people from all over the world.
For the third year in a row, we were proud to assist in creating the YogaGlo Lounge. We joined forces with our friends at Eclectic Hive to create the beautiful lounge– filled with modern accents and comfy furniture tented under the beautiful Boulder High lawn. YogaGlo is and has been main sponsor of the Hanuman Festival, and we couldn’t be more proud to support their sponsorship in assisting with the lounge. YogaGlo offers over 3,500 professionally-filmed online yoga classes taught by experienced, certified yoga teachers to customers around the world. They believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone and our classes are designed to give you an in-studio experience, at an affordable price, in your own home.

The YogaGlo Lounge is part of the larger community experience at the Hanuman Festival . “Hanuman Festival is a community-oriented yoga and music festival set at the foot of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Attendees have an opportunity to join in Boulder, Colorado for a celebration with world-class yoga instructors, mind-blowing music, inspirational experiences and a nourishing community. Immerse yourself in body, mind and heart as you relax and rejuvenate, dance and devote, connect and expand, have fun and just be.”

This year we had the pleasure of spending a little more time at the festival and even had the opportunity to participate in this soul fulfilling festival. We had the joy to be instructed from some of the great local yoga teachers that are known very well throughout the yoga community, but we also were able to meet some new instructors that traveled near and far to come and share their knowledge with us! And we even experienced an amazing class that included live music from Magic Giant that was completely infectious!
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| Lower left photo courtesy of Eclectic Hive |

Fall Into Fitness

As sad as we are that the warm summer days are over, we are absolutely thrilled to feel the crispness of fall in the air. The leaves are starting to change color and we are excited to bring out our cozy sweaters from the back of the closet. And while we absolutely adore the season and all of the tasty foods it has to offer, we know that workout motivation may start to slump. It is so easy to become tempted with pumpkin spice lattes and the comfiness of the couch, so here are some tips of how to stay fit even when the temperatures drop!

Enjoy! xx Calluna

Embrace the Fall Flavors: Yes, fall is a time for delicious comfort food, especially the classics like apple & pumpkin pies, delicious hearty stews and the unavoidable halloween candy. But not all fall foods have to leave you in a sugar coma. Swap out the junk for earthy fall vegetables like brussel sprouts and butternut squash by trying these fabulous recipes. How delicious do brussel sprouts with crispy capers and carrots sound? Or a comforting bowl of beef and butternut squash chili?

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Get Fit Indoors: Are the cold temps preventing you from making your way to the gym? We understand that sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to leave your warm house to burn those calories, so were going to make it even easier. At home workout videos are a great, fast and cheap way to stay fit this fall. Check out some of our favorites!

Abs & Booty: Blogilates will definitely challenge you but the results are absolutely worth it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.38.41 PM

Arms:  Jillian Michaels will have you feeling the burn with this arms and shoulder workout!Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.43.52 PM

Yoga: YogaGlo is an absolutely amazing program that lets you practice yoga on your own time and at your own pace. Whether you are just starting off or have years of experience, each of their videos will appeal to your style.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.48.28 AM

Step Outside: It is an obvious fact that Colorado has some of the most gorgeous autumn scenery, so don’t let the season pass you by! Though you may have to put on an extra layer, hiking is one of the best ways to get your sweat on while enjoying the scenery. Check out this amazing list of fall hikes from Steamboat Springs to Boulder!


Hiking not up your alley? Check out some of our favorite places to get fit in Boulder. We absolutely love that Boulder is such a healthy city, so it should be no surprised they have some amazing studios. Is yoga your way of removing stress? Check out Corepower or Radiance Power Yoga. Or try Pure Barre for a low impact yet challenging workout! Lastly, checkout Orange Theory Fitness for their interesting approach to calorie burning!

Have A Happy and Active Fall!

Featured Photo: Dana Romanoff Photography 

Diffusing Stress :: A DIY Guide To Mala Beads

It’s no secret, life is stressful.

We are truly blessed to live in a place that offers such an accessible remedy as simply going outside and enjoying it!  Try to take some time from your hectic day to be with yourself outdoors enjoying nature.  Go throw on those sunglasses and leave the phone behind for a lunchtime stroll or hike!

Physical expression is another great way to reduce stress.  Whether you prefer popping in those ear buds and hitting the trail for a run, expressing yourself through a dance class, or using meditation and yoga as your release; make sure that you give yourself time during this beautiful but busy planning process.

Another proven way to decompress and gain some peaceful alone time is through mediation.  This doesn’t have to be an extensive time consuming experience; a five-minute meditative sessions can make worlds or a difference.  For those who meditate or are looking to getting into it we’ve created a DIY guide to making your very own Mala Beads.  These are meditation beads that are used for keeping count with reciting, chanting, or mentally your mantra.  A mantra is different for each person and is a sacred utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable, word, phonemes, or group of words to help calm one’s mind.

However you decide to release your stress, keep in mind that a deep breath is one of the most amazing tools in diffusing a stressful situation and that all of the stress should never take you away from the excitement of continuing the rest of your life with the person you love most in this world.

What you’ll need

×        108 beads (6mm to 8mm work best)

×        Approximately 36 inches of Medium SoftFlex beading wire

×        Larger “T” bead to complete strand

×        2x2mm crimp

×        Any charms or decorative beads you want to incorporate

×        Needle nose pliers

×        Wire cutters (scissors work fine too for this one)


Step One

×        Measure out 36 inches of your wire


Step Two

×        String on your beads


Step Three

×        Feed wire through “T” bead so that both strands of wire come out of singular holeIMG_6229IMG_6231

Step Four

×        Add finishing decorative beads to end of wire. Leave room to end with your crimp


Step Five

×        Place your crimp at end of wire and secure with needle nose pliers.


Step Six

×        Use your beads to help instill mindfulness and a peaceful sense of calm in your daily life!


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