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Thursday, November 12

What is The Black TuxA one stop shop for the best suit and tuxedo rentals for any wedding or black tie affair. Perfectly summed up by their company motto: “Black Tie Done Right”.


Why should I care? Tuxedo rentals are NOT a groundbreaking discovery. There are tons of tuxedo rentals out there. In fact, when you type in “tuxedo rental”, over a million results come up in less than a second. So – why should you care about this one brand in an arguably saturated market?

Well, in our opinion, BlackTux is the only way to go, for three reasons: price, quality and convenience, also known as the triple threat of wedding preparations.

  •  tells us the average cost of a tux rental can average about $196 (let alone 3–6x that for retail). BlackTux starts their rentals at $95. That’s your hard earned cash that could go to plenty of other items – a few rounds at the Bachelor Party?!
  • Quality: The quality is unmatched. Their partnership with the famous Italian mill, Tollegno, guarantees the right amount of stretch, wrinkle resistance and overall flexibility to keep you looking sharp but comfortable when “Shout” comes on the dance floor.
  • Convenience: Finally, whether you’re making a quick trip for your second cousin’s wedding or you’re the lucky groom himself, chances are you’ve got a lot on your plate and this is the least of your worries. Which is why convenience brings in the home run for this up and coming brand. The BlackTux measuring system is easy to use and almost fool – proof. In the unlikely event that something doesn’t fit right, their Fit Guarantee kicks into place and they’ll fix it before you know what hit you. Your order ships one week before your event and the company sends you a prepaid shipping label & box for easy return. Again, home run.

Okay I’m in…How do I do it?

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.36.19 AM

  • Step 1: Hop on to and select a style (or curate your own look, you style seeker!)
  • Step 2: Measure online. Get your measurements from a tailor, or do it yourself. They even have step by step video instructions for accuracy. Or, if you’re feeling unsure, or call their “Fit Specialists” who can actually size you over the phone in less than 5 minutes. There’s that convenience factor!
  • Step 3: Open your package, try it on. If anything doesn’t fit, they’ll replace it for free.
  • Step 4: Return your rental the next day. No dry cleaning, no hassle, just slap that prepaid label on the original box and drop it off before heading to your post wedding brunch.

Enjoy Gentleman! xx, Calluna

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