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Monday, May 17

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When it comes to your big day everyone knows the bride will be in white, but what if we told you we love the bridesmaids in white to! Though initially controversial, if you’re seeing this trend popping up in your feed and IRL and it’s peaking your interest, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to tell you that we are big fans of a well executed all-white color scheme and despite previous wedding worries, having your crew in the same color as you will NOT take away from your bridal moment. This trend is actually very visually appealing and a fresh take on the traditional bridesmaid scheme – something we are always gravitating toward (plus your gals will love looking chic and elegant on your day).

The white bridesmaid dress can really work with any kind of wedding theme – from boho, classic chic and everything in between – there is a ton of variety when it comes to white bridesmaids dresses. The key to pulling this look off is to really play with the different textures, lengths, fabrics and silhouettes with the bridal party attire. Whether you choose to go matchy-matchy or embrace the the mix-match vibe, lean into the versatility of what’s out there and think of the larger picture of how everything will come together. Pro tip number one: keep the bridal gown as your true north and leading inspiration and then work are that style to find complimentary gowns. Our second tip? Explore a uniform accessory like a shoe or petite bouquet to pull everything together.

For example, we loved Calluna Bride Rachel’s fashion splash – pairing her boho bridal blue with a crisp modern whites for her bridal party.

Calluna Bride Brooke embraced a more classic romanticism, with her, in full lace and her maids donning floor length gowns featuring slight neck details and tonal differences.

Photo by Alp & Isle 

Both of these real life examples (with countless more we’ve seen over the last few years) proves that this trend is here to stay for awhile. For the inquiring minds, we’re pulling some of our favorite selections from the corners of the internet that have caught our eye. We want to know: are you team white?!

We pulled together some fun chic dress inspo that we’re loving below!

Feature Photo: Alp & Isle

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