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Friday, April 4

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Curious about what cocktails will be conjured up at next week’s event? Read below to learn about Peak Beverage and how they’ll make sure we are all sipping in style.
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Peak Beverage is Colorado’s exclusive all-in-one beverage catering company.  Specifically constructed for the hospitality industry, Peak Beverage combines the multitude of steps normally required for special events into one, simple,  inclusive service.  From quantity calculation and beverage selections, to staffing, rentals and coordination, Peak Beverage handles all with one call.

A note from Peak: We just started working with Calluna pretty recently, but we are looking forward to working together on the wedding season ahead!  Our staff was very excited when they heard about the Marie Antoinette theme for next week’s party.  We will be featuring our famous Rose Martini (which is more than fit for a queen) as well as including edible flowers/ flower petals in our beverages, and serving sparkling rose wine (also a favorite of Marie Antoinette).  With such an extravagant theme, we were eager to play in to the details to make all the guests feel like royalty- however, party- goers will have to wait till Thursday for all the surprises!

We are looking forward to working with you, too!

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