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Friday, December 9

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Calluna Events and the Perfect Petal, one of Denver’s top wedding floral and design boutiques, came together recently to collaborate on a vignette for Anna be FIVE. We wanted to produced a space that would inspire brides and show them how we think outside of the box when conceptualizing their vision for their wedding day. Here is a look at our inspiration board and the vision behind the design. In a few days we will share with you the real life manifestation of that vision! 

Special thanks to the incredibly talented and super lovely Katherine Lawrence of The Perfect Petal for designing the inspiration board, providing insight into our vision and for being the real creative spark and visionary throughout this process. Our vignette would not have been possible without her talent! 

1. How did you come up with your inspiration board? 

We knew immediately that we wanted to create something authentic and true to the inspiration era. It also felt important to add a quirkiness to the design that would encourage potential brides to think outside-the-box.  We found fabulous, truly vintage circus images that captured the simplicity and extravagance of the era. We added additional images based on our flower choice and linens.

2. What was your favorite part of your vignette? 
We used incredibly unique florals and created the floral pieces in a new way loosely inspired by the Dutch Masters- we absolutely loved the finished product – especially the added pomegranates and figs.
We were enamoured by the older objects and used them as part of the table “still life” which added so much drama to the table.
One of the biggest elements was the projections of trapeze artists projected onto the back tent.  The ambiguity of  artists performing “just beyond the tent wall” was incredibly intriguing and gave a nod to modern film artists.

3. How could this vignette translate to a bride’s wedding? 
Oh what a wedding this would be!!  Unique, intriguing and so much fun!  Long tables and cascading floral centerpieces.  Fabulous opulent food!! A long after party with a late night lounge.  And of course performers – maybe silk artists?  Or men serving on stilts?  Nobody would want to leave! 
4. Describe your vignette in three words.   
Intriguing! Rich! Unique!

5. Given the constraints of space your vignette was only a piece of a wedding, name one other element you would add if you weren’t limited by space or budget? 
Plush antique Persian rugs and fabulous heavy silk drapes.

6. What is the theme song for your vignette? 

“doo do doodododo do do do do” – you know, the merrie-go-round tune!!

7. Aside from Mile High Station, name one location in Colorado where you would love to execute a wedding with your vignette’s style? 

Fetcher Barn near Steamboat Lake

To see more of our inspiration board and Anna Be Five click here

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