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Thursday, January 30

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It would be a lie if almost every girl said that they didn’t envision their wedding day, whether it is 20 years out or a few weeks into an engagement.  We asked around and the number one image that us gals envision other than getting caught up in the day dream of our future hubby’s eyes is the dress, and rightfully so! This fanaticized beauty of looking glamorous is worth the moments out of some people’s days to dream about.

With award season upon us, we love gaining inspiration from the red carpet! After all, with various different necklines, trains, and styles of dresses there are endless possibilities of what can become of the gown that you will only get to wear once and never want to take off.  Whether you’re into simple and chic or making an elegant statement with elaborate lace detail; we love finding beauty in every design.  Adding a splash of color to a dress through a sash or in the tulle is fun.  We’ve seen a bride who incorporated color into her gown through subtle pink ombre at the bottom!  Now who doesn’t love lace? The classic romantic elegance of an intricate lace design is one of our favorites as well!  One of our most desired things is seeing a bride surprise guests with a stunning nontraditional wedding dress. The traditional route or a more unique vision of a gown are always one of our favorite parts of everyone’s special day.  So, for all those future brides and hopeless romantics dreaming of their perfect dress we’ve compiled a few of our favorite gowns from brides over the years to keep those imaginations active.  Choosing a few gowns was no easy task, so you can click here to see images of our exquisite brides in their gowns for some more inspiration!

olivia's Tess Pace

Photo Credit via  Calluna Events   Photography : Tess Pace

Jamie's  Jenna Walker

Photo Credit via Calluna Events   Photography : Jenna Walker

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.15.23 AM

Photo Credit via Calluna Events   Photography : Robin Proctor

Jolene Cary Jobe

Photo Credit via Calluna Events   Photography : Cary Jobe

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