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Thursday, October 4

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A wedding is a reflection of the couple and their style as a couple. What the Groom and his groomsmen wear is just as important as the bride’s dress and her bridesmaids attire. Every bride wants to feel and look her most beautiful on the most important day of her life. The groom wants to look and feel handsome and confident on the most important day of his life as well. Some grooms are more vocal about what they want to wear on their wedding day while others leave it in the hands of the bride. Whether you are a bride or a groom looking for some inspiration on what the groom and his groomsmen should wear on your special day here are a few tips to get you on the right track.
Whatever the groom and his men choose to wear should reflect the couple’s style, compliment the bride and her bridesmaids attire, and fit the style of the venue.
When a bride is looking for her gown she usually has a style in mind. Timeless and elegant, modern, or romantic? Maybe she wants to turn heads and chooses a gown that screams drama. Maybe she wants something simple and clean. Her vision of the perfect dress may include lace and beading.
Grooms, what is your vision for what you want to look like on your wedding day? What is your style? Modern? Classic? Bold with pops of color? Do you like different textures?
Think about the wedding venue. Is it a grand ballroom? Is it a rooftop wedding in the city? Is it at a vineyard in the countryside? On top of a mountain? In a garden? On the beach? Maybe it’s on a ranch or farm? The venue and the time of day will help guide the formality and style of the groom’s and groomsmen’s attire.
Although the Groom and groomsmen’s style of suit or tuxedo should be somewhat uniform there are many ways for the groom to stand out from the crowd. He could choose to wear a bow-tie while the groomsmen wore neckties. His tie or pocket scarf could be a different color than the groomsmen’s. He could wear a vest while the groomsmen do not. Here are a few examples of the groom standing out while still looking uniform with his men:
Erich McVey Photography

Here is some inspiration for the modern groom:

Vera Wang Collection at Men’s Warehouse

Jenny Jimenez Photography

Here are some style for the classic and timeless groom:

J Crew

Sandra Auberg Photography

Kristin Vining Photography

Here is classic with a twist:

Marianne Wilson Photography

Here are some different looks for an outdoor garden/ vineyard wedding:

Carly Statsky Photography

He and She Photography

Cathrine Hall Studios

J Crew

J Crew

Getting hitched on a farm? Here are few ideas for the groomsmen:

Garrett Nudd Photography

Pictilio Photography

Jenna Marie Photography

Beach Wedding Inspiration:

Jenna Walker Photography

Leigh Miller Photography

Three Nails Photography

Shewanders Photography

Groomsmen with pops of color:

Jen Huang Photography

Session Nine Photographers

Sarah Postma Photography

Christian Oth Sudio Photography

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