Wedding planned in 3 weeks by Calluna Events a huge success

Monday, November 22

photography by Joanna Pinneo Photography

We received a lovely note from Elinor and Karl, our bride and groom from October 23rd. More on Elinor & Karl’s wedding coming shortly!

Heather Dwight is our dream-wedding coordinator.

From the finest detail to the bride’s wildest dream, she is able to smoothly guide any couple (with any mother) through the complexities of wedding organization, however traditional or unique. Where vendors are concerned, she is connected to the very best, from cakes to flowers, from make-up to hotel planners. She is prepared to deal with any difficulty with efficiency and resourcefulness. She answers phone-calls and emails promptly, and her warmth, kindness and creativity endows all her conversations with a much-appreciated calming effect.

Our own wedding included an elaborate chuppah, an afternoon of waltzing and folk-dancing, an evening talent night at the Boulder Circus Center, and a 7:30am balloon ride the next morning. Despite a thousand tragedies earlier that week (our bank card randomly shut down, our luggage lost, our phone broken, our email corroded, thunderstorms threatening), Heather was readily available to take care of us and to insure that the entire process came off swimmingly, to the point where the guests, officiant, and even the hotel staff and photographers were declaring it the best wedding they’d ever attended. Thanks to Heather, Calluna Events has our undying gratitude.

—Elinor Friedberg + Karl Blume

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