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Tuesday, December 28

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This stylish duo was married at Beano’s Cabin nestled atop the hillside of beautiful Beaver Creek Mountain in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Alongside their doodle, Arnie, who sat adoringly at their feet, these two exchanged emotion vows in an intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest family + friends.

Wedding design details were curated to create fresh dynamic monochromatic palette featuring terracottas and creamy neutrals, with exploration into asymmetry and intentional negative space. Paired with natural slate tabletop and complimenting modern decor, the result achieved a romantic, refined cabin experience that was both welcoming and chic. At sunset we were greeted by a very special wedding crasher – a curious fox that ventured down to join wedding guests cocktailing on the lawn.

Known as a benevolent spirit, the fox symbolizes both perseverance and patience – an incredible foreshadow for life of love and partnership to come.

From the Couple:

“We went into our wedding day reminding ourselves that it is not if something will go wrong, it’s when. Big or small, no wedding is without its challenges and we were fully prepared for that moment to come. Somehow though, on our wedding day the issues never came, and the drama never unfolded. To us, our day was simply perfect. On the actual day of the wedding we were both blissfully unaware of anything that may have gone wrong (even some things did behind the scenes!). We’ve thought about a few reasons why this was the case:

The first reason we were able to be so present in the moment was thanks to our loved ones. A big piece of advice for future couples is to lean on those closest to you as much as possible.  All brides and grooms know that the planning process can be stressful and emotional – and it’s even more heightened these days. Look to your family and friends closest to you in your lives to keep you grounded and remind you of the things that are most important to you both.

Our second piece of advice is to select a vendor team you trust. Remember that you chose them for a reason. On the day of the wedding, it is time to let go and let them do their job, so that you can focus on enjoying your day together. Some of the most beautiful moments we have seen and personally experienced during weddings have happened when people let go and live in the moment. From our own personal experience we can promise you that if you can go through the day with this mindset, you’ll be so incredibly happy, that even if something goes wrong, you probably won’t even notice. Of course, like we mentioned earlier, selecting the right vendors plays a vital role in allowing that to happen and we owe quite a bit of the credit to our wedding planner, Melanie.

Choosing to work with Melanie and Calluna Events was perhaps the easiest decision we made during the wedding planning process. She stayed levelheaded and worked with us calmly through each challenge we faced along the way. To be honest, we truly do not know how she did it. With the wedding industry being as directly hit as it was during the pandemic, you never would have known by the way she treated us. So, it was to no one’s surprise when she handled things the exact same way on the day of our wedding. So much so, that if there was any drama, or if she ran into any issues, we were blissfully unaware. Ultimately allowing us to focus on the thing that was most important to us in the whole process…. the moment we said, “I do” and were finally able to call each other husband and wife. There was a moment right after the ceremony when we walked around the corner together and Dan pulled me in close and whispered in my ear, “I love you, Mrs. Ellis”. It’s one of our favorite moments and photos from the entire day.

Which brings us to our last suggestion or piece of advice for couples – be sure to take some time for the two of you right after your ceremony where you can take it all in and enjoy those first few moments together as newlyweds. Those are the moments you will hold on to and are the moments you won’t forget. Details around stress and things you may wish you had done differently will fade over time. But you won’t forget how you felt on the day of your wedding. You won’t forget those moments right after you say, “I do”. We would absolutely suggest that all couples take this opportunity to have a quick, small moment together.

We were so lucky to be able to go through our wedding day fully present in the moment, focused on one another and the love we share. The best part was that we were surrounded by all the people we love most in the world. Keep those people close, choose a vendor team you trust, and remember what it is really all about – the two of you starting your life together. Things may not turn out exactly as you planned but that’s ok. You’ve found your person and now you get to move forward together toward your next adventure!”


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