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Friday, June 17

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Interview with an Industry Expert: Liz Cabigon, Retail Bridal Consultant

Question: When during the planning process do most couples register?

Liz: It really depends on whether the couple is going to have a shower or not. If you are, many couples register 6-9 months before the day of the wedding. If you’re not, it’s typical to register 3-6 months before. I think that about 6 months out from the big day is the best time register, it will give your friends and family time to look over your registry and make their purchases and it will also give you time to make any adjustments or changes as you begin planning your life together.

Question: Can you register too early?

Liz: It’s never too early to register, a lot of companies offer wedding tool kits to go along with their registries. This may include a variety of planning tools that you may find useful.

Question: Should you bring along family when you register?

Liz: That is up to how comfortable you are about registering. It’s always nice to have input from family and friends, but sometimes it’s more efficient to register alone since you know what you like and what you want.

Question: Should you plan your registry beforehand, such as how many items you register for?

Liz: As a rule of thumb you typically register for 2 ½ times your guest list. This allows for a wider selection for your guests to choose from. You should also be sure to include a range of price points. You should never feel guilty if you register for expensive items because guests always have the option to pitch in together on items. That way, you register for what you actually want and need and if these items don’t get purchased you have a set wish list for all those gift cards!

Question: How can you let your guests know about your registry?

Liz: A popular trend for brides is having their own wedding website. If you don’t have your own site, another option is to include your registry information in your invitations. A lot of retailers will provide you with attachments for your invitations. If you have already sent out your invitations and you don’t have a website you can find a retailer that will provide you the tools to create a website so that you can let your guests know where you have registered.

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