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Thursday, August 2

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The process of planning a wedding can be a bit overwhelming with so many aspects to account for and plan! The countless venues and conversations can begin to make one excited bride-to-be get a bit dizzy. One of our favorite parts of weddings is the little details that share the personality of the bride and groom.  Not quite sure how to make these little details shine? Using the right stationery designer for your wedding is a great way to showcase your personality.  For those lucky in love couples who have never worked with a stationery designer, have no fear; we’re here with a few important questions that you should ask stationery designer when you are meeting with them for the first time. 

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1) What is your designer’s background?
It’s great to know what type of previous work your designer has to get an idea if they are going to be a good match for you and your hubby!

2) Does your stationery designer provide free samples?

What better way to decide on a stationery designer than to see the actual product?!

3)  Does your designer outsource the printing or is it done in your shop?

This is an important question because it changes the cost of your printing as well as the turn around time of the product!

4) Does your designer make custom creations or do they use templates?

Depending on the creativity of your designer as well as the templates offered, this question can guide the extent of creativity you and the groom to be are going to be able to freely use.

5) Can your stationery designer also print products other than invitations and save the dates?

If you want everything to match, this is an important question to ask your stationery designer for items such as table cards and menus.

6) Is your stationery designer capable of printing pictures?

This little detail is important to certain couples and can give you more freedom in the design of your stationery and other paper products!

7)  Can you see a variety of their work?

This is important to know what type of work you will be sending and showing to your guests for your special day.

8) Does your designer offer any packages or discounted prices?

We know that weddings can take a little chip out of one’s wallet so it’s great to ask for packages if they fit your budget and needs!

9)  Does your designer know of any new trends or styles that you may have not seen yet?

It is always fun to ask this question and possibly even create your own new style or trend with the ever-creative designer you are meeting with. 

10) Can your stationery be printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly ink?

It’s always important to be environmentally conscious!

11) Can your stationery designer mail your invitations and how much do they charge for this service?

This little task can be a time saver for you and is just one more thing to cross off of the checklist! 

Meeting with vendors can be a bit overwhelming but these meetings also helps to build the excitement for the special day! We hope that these questions will help to guide your search for the perfect stationery designer for you and your fiancé!

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