Wedding Trend # 9: The Dream of the ’90’s Is Alive

Thursday, June 5

Feeling retro? One of this year’s surprising developments is a throwback to 1990s styles. Bring on the break dancers to entertain the crowd while the DJ takes a break. They’ll be honoring a bride wearing a crop-top wedding dress (yes, they’re really back!) The wedding authorities at The Knot suggest including 1990s trends “in small doses.” Include lots of top ‘90s hits on your playlist. Prince, Mariah and Boys II Men to name a few, are great additions to any party, no matter what decade you’re trending. To get in on this style, just select one retro concept that makes you feel like you’re partying like it’s 1999! Temporary tattoo wedding favors may just do the trick.


Photo Credit: TattlyPhoto Pink


Photo Credit & Dresses: Daughters of Simone

Photo Credit: Wedding Wire & Marquee Artists


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