What’s your favorite wedding color combination?


Friday, March 23

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What are your wedding colors? Do you feel like you are asked that from the moment you are engaged. Some brides know right away which hues to choose as their wedding colors and others need a little inspiration. Some color combinations seem to stand the test of time and yet others are new and trendy. 

We recently asked the Calluna Events team what their favorite wedding wedding color combinations are. 
Lauren ::  I will start off by saying that I am a color enthusiast. I don’t know how else to put it. Coming from a background in graphic design, my whole world is color and how colors combine and work together. My office shelves are lined with books about color palates and with Pantone color books for printing. Despite living in a constant state of color, my current (I emphasize this because it may change in a week) favorite color combination has got to be mint and peach. I do typically lean towards muted and neutral palates with pops of color, but the peach & coral family paired with the turquoise & minty family is perfection in my opinion.
Gabbie :: I love yellow + gray or green + orange and pink + orange!
Spice :: I love any color paired with mustard! It’s incredible with satin white, silk white, cotton white, creamy white (every white but probably not champagne), formal black, farm blues, urban grays (my favorite), jewel tones, outdoor settings, winter settings… It makes eyes pop, it makes hair color look rich and healthy and it warms every skin tone.  I love to see it in wraps, shoes, crinolines, jewelry, ribbons, hatbands, socks, ties… everywhere. It’s an an amazing statement color for a MOH to stand apart from the rest of the bridesmaids. A rich mustard used as an accent color makes my jaw drop every time.
Kayla ::  I am really enjoying the colors that are popping up in weddings this year.  The mix of soft, romantic colors with bold, bright colors is great, and my favorite combination for right now is mint green and soft gray with pops of hot pink.  I like this palette because it can be sophisticated or rustic, and it is a good mix of feminine and masculine. 
Heather :: I gravitate toward neutral palettes and love anything paired with grey. You’ll find lots of grey in my closet and we just painted our house a combination of light and dark grey-brown.  Grey is so lovely and can be modern, sophisticated and also feminine and romantic at the same time. I love bridesmaids in different hued grey dresses…think slate, light grey and pewter. A combination of florals or accents in light pinks and blushes would be romantic and feminine while the combination of fuchsia or cantaloupe would be modern and sophisticated. Grey is such as versatile color and can be paired with anything or simply used as an accent color with a stronger color combination such as kelly green and off white. Grey could be subtle in hints of an accent in berries, pods or succulents.
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