Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner. Now.

Thursday, May 30

Thank you so much to Anne & Bill Holland of Holland Photo Arts for this fabulous blog post that we just had to copy (with their permission, of course)…

What’s a topic that’s rarely covered by bridal magazines and blogs, but that has significant bearing on how much you enjoy a fun and stress-free celebration on your wedding day? That one’s easy: Whether to hire a wedding planner. Probably because the answer’s so easy: Yes.

Of course we’re not talking about Franck. Nor are we talking about someone who after planning just one–usually their own–wedding, thought, “I can do this!” Indeed, we’re talking about someone who devotes their professional lives to ensuring everything runs smoothly, saving their clients money, and taking care of all the little things that crop up (and yes, they will crop up) so their clients can fully enjoy their day.

One of our couples, Karen & Michael, put it best: “A wedding planner is the wedding gift you give yourselves.” We couldn’t agree more.


We encourage all of your to read much, much more about this topic on the Charlottesville Wedding Blog post here. Thank you SO much to Anne & Bill for this thorough and accurate representation of what wedding planners do, and why you should hire one. Now.

(photos by Holland Photo Arts and West Weddings), and xx,

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