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Tuesday, March 3

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We are jumping back into the vendor spotlights that we love oh so much by welcoming The Bespoke Edge onto our beloved blog. If you are in need of an ahhhhmazingg set up for your groom-to-be (and who doesn’t?!) then you have stumbled upon exactly that! We had the honor of sitting down and chatting with Ryan Wagner, one of the partners in this fabulous family run business. Read on to catch up on our interview.


Describe what you do.

At The Bespoke Edge, we offer the custom clothing experience to men. We sell suits and tuxedos and shirts and pants and so on, but what we really do is provide sartorial guidance. We help you to find exactly what you’re looking for. That may mean helping you to decide between a three or two piece suit, choosing a jacket lining that matches your bride’s flowers, or helping you to build a one-of-a-kind date night dress shirt. We really take pride in showing guys how they can boost their style.

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We don’t have a physical store, but we operate by appointment. What that means is that my father, Ron Wagner, will visit a client in his home or office to learn more about the client’s needs and what sort of style he wants. Ron has been in the menswear business for almost 40 years now he will guide you through choosing a fabric (we have 100’s of fabric samples available to look at) and of course, to take your measurements. About 5 weeks later, Ron will deliver the finished product and personally ensure that everything came out exactly as expected.


What is your dream project?

It would be so much fun to dress not only the groom in a custom fitted BE suit, but his groomsmen as well. That would be one sharply dressed wedding party!

Why should grooms choose you?

Simply put, grooms are amazed at the level of detail that they have control over when building a suit. For instance, one of the most requested custom details we offer is to monogram the wedding date inside the jacket lining. SO that whenever the client is wearing his suit or tux in the future, he will find a thoughtful reminder of his wedding day inside his jacket. We can also accent a jacket with detail like contrast stitching or even colorful buttons. And the finished product is truly something that cannot be bought in a store; that is what makes buying a bespoke suit so special.


What makes you excited to go to work in the morning?

Knowing that we have a growing community of men (and women) who look to us for their sartorial advice. For instance, we put a considerable amount of time and energy into our blog to ensure that it features both practical and inspiring style advice. A lot of the answers to questions that guys want to ask, like when they should wear a peaked versus notched lapel on their jacket, or how to fold a pocket square, aren’t readily available. Plus, as guys, we often feel that we should know the answers to these questions already!


What’s your favorite trend you are seeing in your industry?

We have worked with a lot of grooms to date and what we are learning is that many guys are doing away with the concept of renting a tuxedo and instead, opting to buy a nicely fitted suit that they can then wear after the wedding. Be it at the office or for a fancy night out on the town. In short, a lot of guys are looking at their weddings as a great time to get that suit that they have always wanted. It’s awesome to see guys dressing up more these days!



These suits truly are a showcase of tried and true craftsmanship and they certainly get the stamp of approval from all of us at Calluna. We hope we have inspired you and your sweetie to look into getting one of these special suits for your big day! Without a doubt your hubby-to-be will look very dapper. xx, Calluna

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