A Tuscan Themed Bridal Shower


Saturday, September 29

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Calluna Events Associate Planner Alisha Eller is getting married on October 20, 2012. We are featuring a series of blogs from her as she prepares for her big day!! Thank you to Alisha for sharing the details from her wonderful bridal shower!
There’s nothing more wonderful than gathering with the group of women that have supported and encouraged you over the years and getting showered with love and wedding gifts. I have been to some lovely showers for my friends and family members over the years but when my aunt threw me my wedding shower a couple of weeks ago I was blown away. I was overwhelmed with the special touches she included, all of the work she put into it, and humbled by the amount of the women that attended.
My aunt went with a Tuscan shower theme to go along with our Tuscan vineyard wedding theme. My favorite wine bar and restaurant in my home town is Monk’s Wine Bar. She had them cater the shower!
Melinda of M Creations did the floral arrangements. They were breath taking!
My aunt is a big wine connoisseur and she provided a tasty variety of red and white varietals along with prosecco and champagne.
My bridesmaids were in charge of the bridal shower games and they did a fantastic job. While everyone was visiting and eating they passed out a quiz about me. We all joined together in the living room to hear the correct answers and see who knew me the best! 
My favorite game that we played was a total surprise to me. They had interviewed my fiance without me knowing and I had to guess what his answers were to the questions they asked him. It was actually scary how closely our answers matched up!
Some of his answers were pretty funny!
After games my aunt had everyone make their way outside. Everyone grabbed a glass of champagne and stood around the pool. When I walked out I was shocked to see everyone ready to toast to me. Everyone said one word that described me. This was the best part of the shower by far. I was truly touched to hear the kind words everyone spoke. If you are planning a shower for someone and you want them to feel special I highly recommend you do this. I was amazed!
We went back inside to open gifts and enjoy the dessert bar. As I was opening gifts my aunt passed around a tray of index cards and craft items so the guests could write advice on them and decorate them. She took them all after the shower and created a scrap book for me!
I loved the personalized cookies! So cute!
My maid of honor assisting me with my gifts!
One of my talented bridesmaids is a graphic designer and created this beautiful photo box for my gift! I loved it!
Another one of my favorite gifts! We will be displaying this at the wedding!
Two of my beautiful bridesmaids creating advice cards for the scrapbook!
After all of the festivities some of the women left while my bridesmaids and a few friends relaxed, stuck our feet in the pool, and sipped some more delicious vino! It was the most perfect shower I could have imagined.
My beautiful bridesmaids!
Jess and Lynz keeping cool.
Brushing up on our old cheer moves!
A giant THANK YOU to my wonderful aunt who made me feel so special and threw the most incredible shower I could have imagined!
Much love
Calluna Events Associate Planner
Colorado Wedding Planner + Stylist

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