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Monday, October 1

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            As the special wedding day approaches, one of the best parts (other than getting one step closer to spending the rest of your life with your best friend) is all of the intricate details that allow the bride and groom to sprinkle glimmers of personality to their wedding.  One of the best places to showcase the personalities of the bride and groom is through the cake toppers.  What better way can you explain the bride and groom than through using these little avatars that will be on display to represent them?  Birds symbolizing lovebirds are always a cute option; there are many ways to add variety and personality to these little birdies atop your cake!  We love these paper machete birds; you can let your imagination fly when conjuring up these little guys!

If a specific sports team is going to be the third member of your marriage there is even a way to incorporate them into the cake toppers! You can dress your avatar in any jersey or outfit that you find suiting for the happy couple to be.  Another alternative idea that is unique is using polaroid pictures of snap shots of the bride and groom looking at each other or striking a goofy pose, these little details are completely up to the bride and groom!

If you want to shy away from the traditional avatars or lovebirds there are a variety of unique replacements to rest on your divine wedding cake.  Find items that represent you and your man, such as horseshoes for those western enthusiasts or seashells for the beach bums out there.  If you and your hubby are outdoor enthusiasts, think of decorating pinecones to look like the bride and groom! Is there a better way to represent a marriage than two puzzle pieces coming together as one? This clever and practical idea is another distinctive feature for your special day. 

People are gathered to celebrate the love that the two of you share for each other and love you for the people that you are! Let your personalities peak through the traditional aspects on your wedding day.  These fun cake topper ideas are the perfect way to do just this.  We love these memorable and very personalized components of your special day; now it’s time to let that creativity loose!
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