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Tuesday, February 14

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Feeling a lack of enthusiasm or creativity this Valentine’s Day or can’t find the perfect way to express your love for that special someone, your friends, and even your family! Have no more fears, second best to Cupid, we at Calluna Events are here with some unique and fun yet romantic ideas to help stir your lackluster Valentine’s Day into a affectionate and colorfully decorated day!   
For those last minute romantics hoping to create something memorable here are a few ideas to help create the perfect Valentine’s Day. For cute and colorful valentine’s cards, go to your local hardware store and buy paint swatches with Valentine’s Day inspired hues.  Create a special but simple message on it using a calligraphy pen or stamps to add a sophisticated touch and tada…valentines that are sure to be fridge hangers this year.  If you’re trying to create a valentine that is more personalized, think of an inside joke or something that reminds you of this person and incorporate it into a homemade card.  This year go for a simple design with a small splash of color in your Valentine’s Day cards.  For the person who is really trying to express their love and devotion to their significant other through a Valentine’s Day gift, nothing is more personal than your words. 
 A fun twist on a traditional love letter is to create a small book and on each page state something you love about that person.  This soon to be treasured keepsake will forever embody the intense love you have for that person.  What would Valentine’s Day be without flowers!? Flowers for a loved one, a friend, or even as a gift to yourself have the capability of creating a smile and warm feeling inside every time you see them when you enter a room.  Although, roses present the symbolic eternal gesture of love; this year try something unique or giver her an arrangement with her favorite type of flower assorted throughout.  Maybe think outside the box of traditional roses and buy your sweeties favorite flower en masse. 
And what about Paperless Post, they have cute online cards you can send quickly to your entire address book! Lastly, what would Valentine’s Day be without a girl’s true love, chocolate?
Tee and Cakes
Paperless Post
If Valentine’s Day isn’t good for anything else, it provides every person with the perfect excuse to indulge in as much chocolate as they physically can.  Create fun chocolate treats to share with those who you love and hide the extras at home for yourself!  Here at Calluna Events, we hope that your Valentine’s Day is filled with love, happiness, and plenty of chocolate! 
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