Branching out – eco-friendly options for a holiday wedding.

Thursday, December 24

During the holidays, decorating becomes easier to do with more eco-friendly options than ever! At this time of year, pine wreaths and branch berries can be found almost everywhere and will gracefully adorn any wedding. Garlands can be hung about the room to complete the look! Then to enhance the bold evergreen décor, set out pinecones for additional festive undertones. You can get pinecones right off a tree without any pesticides or vendors alterations. And if you want a little more pizazz, paint your pinecones with silvers, golds, or reds! In addition, try some holly to spruce things up. It’s is a lovely piece of flora which looks marvelous picked right off the plant and can be strewn down the center of a table or laid in a circle as the center piece. Candles can serve as terrific accents and elicit homely scents which will make your guests feel relaxed and enjoy themselves. The natural decorations will showcase the season and instill joyful feelings in all.

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