Tips for holiday parties.

Thursday, December 24


Winter brings a slow down to weddings, but holiday parties are in full swing. Although many companies and organizations are finding ways to save money, successful holiday parties can still be achieved within budget. They key is to get creative! Here are some ideas:

1. Take advantage of rich, winter colors: deep cranberry red, midnight blue, accents of gold and silver, etc.
2. If you are looking for party favors, get in the spirit with gingerbread cookies, homemade hot chocolate mixes, or chocolate-covered cranberries.
3. Keep in mind that brunches and lunches are more affordable than dinners if you are on a budget. For the table settings, use pinecones as name card holders.
4. Create ambiance and keep it simple by using candles. They are perfect for winter, plus they smell great.
5. Use your own holiday specialty cocktails. Try white hot chocolate and Kahlua, with a candy cane garnish, or a pomegranate martini with pomegranate liquor, vodka and Grand Marnier with a sugar rim. Yum!

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