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Tuesday, July 19

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Congratulations, you are getting married! Once you decide to start tackling the wedding planning, you might find that a variety of people are eager to give their input, especially the parents! Mom and Dad mean well, but sometimes it can get difficult involving multiple parties in the journey of wedding planning, especially if the parents are contributing financially. We have compiled a list of tips on how to keep your family involved and included while staying true to you and your fiancés vision.

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  • Have A Conversation: Putting everything on the table from the start is a great way to have an an honest conversation with parents or family members looking to give their input into your special day. Let your loved ones know what you want their help with and what aspects of the wedding you want to plan completely on your own. If other parties are contributing financially, make sure you know what is important to them before accepting their help.


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  • Assign Projects: Family members and friends often love to be involved in the planning process, so giving them special tasks will make them feel special and will help you get projects done! Let your dad pick a few song options for your father-daughter dance, or let your mother-in-law be in charge of arranging party favors for your guests. Even if the task is small, it’s a great way to make your loved ones feel appreciated and needed.


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  • Bring Them With You: Throughout the planning process you will be going on multiple visits to vendors like the florist, baker, dress shop and more! Bringing family or friends on these visits could be a great time to bond if you do it right. If you know that you will be overwhelmed multiple opinions, stick to one or two family members per visit. If you want help ultimately deciding your dress, maybe pick out a few you love on your own and then ask advice when deciding the final pick!


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  • Utilize Their Skills: Is your aunt an expert crafter? Ask her if she’ll help you out with a custom made guest book. Does your father-in-law have the biggest sweet tooth? Trust him with helping you decide cake flavors for the big day. By taking into consideration what all your relative guests are good at, you will get great opinions and will make them feel significant in the planning process.


Photo Credit: Jenna Walker Photography

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