Four Tips on Hosting Out-of-Town Wedding Guests


Thursday, July 14

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Weddings have a magical way of bringing people together from across the world. It may be the case that some of your family and friends are hopping on planes and travelling far and wide to come celebrate your special day with you. Out of town guests make a huge effort to come spend the day with you, so as the hosts it’s your job to make them feel welcomed . We have compiled a list of four great tips on how to keep your out-of-town guests comfortable and satisfied.

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Play Tour Guide (kind of): Yes, you are most definitely going to be too busy in the days leading up to the wedding to take everyone around from place to place showing them the best spots in town. However, a little guidance never hurts, and your out of town guests will seriously appreciate the gesture. Leave an itinerary in the guest rooms giving them a timeline of the festivities and include your favorite local coffee shops, spots for a quick bite and logistical places like the nearest drug store. This will be a great way to make the out-of-towners feel at home in a new city or town, and excited to try some of your favorite spots! Some of your guests may also be making your nuptials part of a vacation, so don’t forget to include some great sight-seeing tips!


Photo Credit: James Christianson & Otto Schulze

Lodging & Housing: Out of town guests are expected to pay for their own hotel rooms and lodging, but there are a few ways to make the planning and expense easier on your traveling guests. Recommending a variety of places for your guests to stay, ideally near the ceremony and reception sites will be tremendously helpful. Pick a few hotels with different price ranges and call in advance to see about group rates and room blocks. Offering a few options will make it extremely easy for your guests to pick their lodging and will be a great opportunity for out of town guests to meet other wedding guests!

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Go the Extra Mile: Traveling for some can often be a long journey full of twists and turns. After a long day of flights, sometimes all you want to do is relax in your room. Surprise your guests with something sweet and personal that will make them feel instantly at home and appreciated. While your budget may not allow for a welcome bag full of goodies, that doesn’t mean you cant treat your guests to something special. Anything from a hand written note, to a box of local chocolate to a bottle of vino will show your out of town guests how much you truly appreciate them coming.


Photo Credit: Laura Murray Photography

Transportation: Some out of town guests may chose to rent a car, but many will not so it’s a great idea to come up with some transportation options for your out of town guests. If the budget allows, hiring vans or shuttles is a great way to get your guests to and from the ceremony and reception in a timely fashion. Another fantastic option is to hire a fleet of uber cars through UberEvents for the more budget conscious couple! If paying for transportation isn’t in the budget at all, make sure to provide your guests with a list of taxi companies and other transportation resources to make it as easy as possible!


Photo Credit: James Christianson Photography

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