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Thursday, February 6

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Here at Calluna we are always looking for ways to highlight and honor some of the amazing creative partners we get to work with. We feel incredibly fortunate to work with some seriously talented vendors in the industry, and we want to show them off to you in our new Calluna Community Series! We will sit down with some of the fabulous vendors of Colorado and get to know about them, their business and what life is like behind the scenes. Stay tuned for more!

This week for Calluna Community we caught up with Annie at Flagstaff House Restaurant!

Cheers! Xo, Calluna

Describe what you do! 

I am the event coordinator for the Flagstaff House which is a fine dining restaurant and event venue in Boulder. We are located on Flagstaff Mountain overlooking the city of Boulder and the Rockies, just a couple of miles from Pear Street. I plan everything from corporate events to weddings to everything in between! We host about 200 private events per year and I plan all the little details for our events and assist day-of with weddings as well.

What is your idea of a dream project? 

My idea of a dream project would be a collaborative effort between myself and a team of skilled vendors to create the most perfect wedding. Luckily I get to live my dream project fairly often as we have such an amazing network of wedding and event professionals in the Boulder/Denver area! An event can be successful without added partners but when combining the minds of talented people it really exceeds expectations, making the event beyond perfect. I really love when I get to work with a design team to bring in new touches to our venue.

What is your favorite part of any wedding?

My favorite part of any wedding is doing a final check of our venue right before guests arrive. This is the moment when all of our hard work has finally materialized and I get to see all the details untouched before the festivities begin. That and the first kiss! I tear up every time.

What does your morning routine look like? 

I am 100% a morning person and love to start my day with a routine. I make myself a matcha latte right away and read the news on the couch with my cat to start. If it’s warm enough outside I’ll go on a neighborhood jog, or if it’s a little chilly I will relax a little longer. Once I’m caffeinated I’ll head up to the Flagstaff House to get to work on emails and site tours.

What are some of your favorite trends that you are seeing? 

I love seeing vibrant colors! I am excited to be seeing more color in weddings in addition to traditional muted tones. Pops in floral arrangements, color-specific signature drinks and fun tablescapes have me so excited. I also have been seeing smaller, more intimate guest lists which allow for a larger budget in food and décor which I fully stand behind.

What advice would you give to a younger you?

Life works out as it should. I unexpectedly moved to Colorado sight-unseen and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Soon after moving I was hired at the Flagstaff House as a craigslist hire hostess, which unknowingly then put me on track for my dream career. The younger me stressed too much about creating correct paths in life, which is important to some extent, but life works out pretty well when you just let go a little.

What do you like to do when you’re away from work? 

I have a hard time sitting still for too long, so I am usually filling my free time with skiing, yoga, mountain biking, or whatever activity the weather allows me to do! I am also a great financial contributor to the Boulder/Denver area restaurants because I love to go out to eat more than anything.

What is your favorite cocktail, or what are you drinking tonight? 

No alcohol for me, so I love when a restaurant has a great alternative drink list. Lately I’ve been mixing up a little bit of orange juice, a lot of ginger kombucha, and a splash of cranberry juice. So tasty and helps keep my immune system in check during the winter!


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Check out some photos from Shannon + Luke’s wedding here a couple years ago! We can’t wait to be back at Flagstaff later this year for another wedding!

Photos by | James & Schulze
Florals | The Perfect Petal

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