Calluna Crew Spotlight: Kristin McGuckin


Friday, April 24

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Kristin McGuckin (Lead Curator + Stylist) is an Illinois native who has called beautiful and sunny Colorado her home for a decade. As a licensed esthetician, she worked in the salon and spa industry for the past 13 years. Her attention to detail and extensive experience has allowed her to create lasting relationships with many of her clients. She exudes passion, creativity, confidence and most of all, brings a pleasurable experience to every person she works with. Kristin has curated many events including weddings, birthday parties, and corporate gatherings. She has an aptitude for detail, organized execution, and exquisite design. Her inherent ability to create a unique style and dedication to providing a wonderful experience for every client is evident through her work.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day? My favorite part of the wedding day is the reception and/or celebration piece. I love to see the families, friends, and loved ones embracing one another, dancing and relishing in the pure joy of the couple. Everyone is there to celebrate the union of the couple and the expressions and interactions of all of the guests is absolutely wonderful to see. The reception is truly a part of the wedding where the stress has been uplifted and I enjoy witnessing the celebration, love and honor for the couple on their special day!

Tell us something that might surprise us about you. I secretly always aspired to be a Hollywood actress despite my never having acted in a play, or in front of a camera.

What wedding trends are you loving this season? I absolutely love the farm to table trend for this season. I find it minimal, yet stunning. I love that this trend involves supporting and encouraging local, sustainable businesses. There is a certain infusion of farm to table weddings that is a true reflection of the couple. To me, this concept creates an interactive dining experience for guests, while still offering a beautiful, elegant setting. In addition, farm to table weddings offer more than a specific type of dining experience. Locally grown flowers, hand-crafted, unique favors, local wines and rustic breads for guests are all facets of farm to table weddings. When I envision this type of wedding, I think of a rustic, romantic, and refined experience. Really, the sky is the limit!

What is one thing you could not live without? My daughter. Hands down.

 What is your favorite thing to do? I absolutely love to dance. I always have and when I’m at a wedding I’m the first one on the floor and the last to get off. There is something so freeing and liberating when it comes to dancing your heart out!

We are so excited to have Kristin on the team!! xx Calluna

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