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Thursday, April 30

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We absolutely love this vendor. Taryn from the funky + creative Twinkle and Toast a Calluna Events intern alumn who is now achieving big things in the wedding world. We love her style, her authenticity, her poise as a new business owner and most importantly, her character. We had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with this letter guru on our recent Mediterranean Styled Shoot and simply put, we were wow’d. We are so proud to call Taryn our colleague, our muse, and our friend. If you don’t already, keep up with her Southern California adventures below. You’ll become more brilliant because of it – promise! Instagram | Website | Facebook

amorology-wedding-12Describe what you do. My business offers hand-lettered, calligraphy and hand-painted items including custom signage, escort cards, backdrop artwork and more.  I can also incorporate these hand-lettered pieces into printed paper goods like invitation suites, menus and programs.  All of my work is custom so I love getting to learn about a couple and their wedding to create a piece that is unique to them.

What is your idea of a dream project? My dream project is getting to work with my favorite vendors – the ones that are not only my friends, but also those who think in huge, creative ways.  I love being included with people that I admire and motivate me.  We can work together to execute a vision from start to finish and incorporate all the small details and come up with something we’ve never seen before.

I love when couples come to me with rad inspiration and know what they want their day to look like, and then give me the freedom to execute in my realm of expertise.  When a client provides a general – but honed in – inspiration, this usually yields in the best results, other than drilling down to specifics of how something should exactly look like.

meganwelker-NYE-49Jen_Wojcik_Photography-015 What makes you excited to go to work in the morning? I am so pumped that clients trust me to provide something for their most important day of their lives!  No BS-ing here – I genuinely am so honored I get to do this, and it’s a task I take very seriously.  I get excited every time I meet a new client and get to hear all about their story and wedding day.

What advice would you give a younger you? Younger Me, you know the thing you love to do most?  It turns out it is a job!  You know you love hand lettering, so keep at it.  Someone will actually hire you to do what you love if you work really, really hard at your business.  So those boring jobs you’ve taken along the way won’t be forever.  Stay motivated, inspired and don’t stop painting. Also, stay out of the sun and wear plenty of moisturizer.  They have advanced spray tans now, so no need to be so hard on your skin.

What’s a favorite trend you are seeing in the industry these days? This is a trend that keeps growing every season, but I just love when couples break the rules with the intent of showing their personality.  Don’t want to toss the bouquet?  Fine with me.  White dresses aren’t your thing?  Rock it, lady.  I think the tradition of gathering all your friends and family together for your wedding is so special, but now is your time to show what you two are all about. You can give everyone a little taste of the life you plan to build together, instead of following wedding “rules” just because you feel you have to.  I’m all about these couples!

Ceremony-2 Scott Lamoreaux Photography 1

Gorgeous art captured by the talented photographers (in order): Ashley Sawtelle, Carmen Santorelli, Diana McGregor, Megan Welker, Jen Wojcik, Scott Lamoreaux

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