Calluna Events Surprise Christmas Eve Wedding

Wednesday, December 24

The holiday season is basically synonymous with romance, right? Any grandiose or intimate romantic gestures make us swoon a little extra these days and we have a soft spot in our hearts for any winter wedding.  So, we’re over the moon to share our latest Calluna groom has combined the two and topped everything we’ve seen – he has planned a surprise Christmas Eve wedding for his bride (check and check)!!

Vinton came to the Calluna office just days ago, announcing he wanted to wed his love, Anna, in an intimate Christmas Eve wedding. With some quick phone calls, accommodating vendors and an excited groom in tow, we planned their wedding in record time.

We’re so excited for their joyous occasion. Vinton and Anna will wed at the historic Hotel Boulderado. Brighter Day Floral gathered the loveliest festive bouquet for the bride as well as details for the groom and their three children, a judge will be there ready to seal the deal, a friend will snap the photographs and the family will be whisked away in a Foothill’s Limo to celebrate with sushi dinner and on a night on the town!

This very quick and exciting wedding has reminded us that there is no celebration too small. We love Vinton’s initiative and applaud him for taking the lead and reaching out to Calluna. Whatever the timeline or guest list, we love every festivity just the same. Wedding sugarplums will be dancing in our heads in our heads tonight – Many congratulations to the very happy family!

xx, Calluna Events

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